Friday, August 1, 2008

Anthrax and a Convenient Suicide

Well, I guess I might as well jump on the bandwagon and mention the 'suicide' of Dr. Ivins. How very convenient for the FBI, who in SEVEN years has not been able to identify anyone remotely guilty of this 'false flag' scare.

Meanwhile, a particular Dr. Philip Zack, whose name is certainly not known to the average household, was actually caught by security cameras - entering the lab where the anthrax was kept - this is AFTER he was fired for a racially motivated attack on a co-worker of Egyptian origin.

An investigation was launched that exposed the shockingly lax security measures at the lab, and raised the possibility that some specimens may never have been entered in lab records. Also uncovered was a tape from a surveillance camera showing the entry of an unauthorized person into the lab, at 8:40, on January 23, 1992, let in by Dr. Marian Rippy, lab pathologist. The night visitor was Lt. Col. Philip Zack, a former employee who had left as a result of a dispute with the lab over his alleged harassment of Dr. Assaad. The Courant reports:

"Zack left Fort Detrick in December 1991, after a controversy over allegations of unprofessional behavior by Zack, Rippy, [lab technician Charles] Brown and others who worked in the pathology division. They had formed a clique that was accused of harassing the Egyptian-born Assaad, who later sued the Army, claiming discrimination."

Interesting.. follow the link for more disgusting things this Zack dude is guilty of.

Rivero, hits the nail on the head here:

...the FBI discovered that the end of the hunt for the sender of the Anthrax letters was NOT Dr. Assaad the Egyptian, but Dr. Zack, who is Jewish. At this point, both the FBI and the mainstream media stopped making any public comments on the case.

The above BBC article is clearly another step in the plan to try to shift the suspicion for the Anthrax letters further away from the Dr. Zack, to spare Israel further embarrassment in what appears to be a modern day revival of the Lavon Affair. However, the claim that the Anthrax letters were simply an experiment in mail delivery that went awry is discredited by recalling that the envelopes and their contents were written in a way to cast suspicion for the letters in a specific direction, at Arabs! This clear evidence of a deliberate frame up proves that not only was this not simply a test procedure, but that the Anthrax in the letters was intended to kill people, while the letters themselves pointed the finger of blame.

Indeed, how very convenient, that Zack will not be extradicted and no mention is made of him in any of the msm 'stories' (not for bedtime reading to children) one can find in the 'news' today.

I tried to post a comment to the mop and pail - mentioning Zack - still isn't there though - and most likely won't ever get up.

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