Monday, August 4, 2008

John McCain - Truly Insane

Thanks to ThinkProgress for catching this:

McCain suggests Military-Style Invasion Modelled on the Surge to Control Inner-City Crime

Today, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) spoke to the National Urban League, a group “devoted to empowering African Americans to enter the economic and social mainstream.” When an audience member asked him how he planned to reduce urban crime, McCain praised Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s efforts in New York Cirty before invoking the military’s tactics in Iraq as the model for crime-fighting:

MCCAIN: And some of those tactics — you mention the war in Iraq — are like that we use in the military. You go into neighborhoods, you clamp down, you provide a secure environment for the people that live there, and you make sure that the known criminals are kept under control. And you provide them with a stable environment and then they cooperate with law enforcement, etc, etc.


Click on above link for audio.

This guy is totally off his rocker, a win for McCain would be Bush on steroids - and woe to all of us.


Penny said...

McCain would be Bush on Steroids, that is funny, that is also what Meria always says.

He is certainly wacked out, talks weird,

nobody said...

Hey Folks,

You're all au-fait with the fact that McCain's father was the admiral responsible for the USS Liberty cover-up, yeah? And you know sang like a canary when he was a prisoner in Vietnam? Apparently he had an apartment in Hanoi and prostitutes would visit him.

Sounds like ideal Presidential material!

Magdelena said...

Hi nobody,

Glad to see you here! Thanks for the comment.

yeah - his history leaves quite a bit to be desired - though I must say I'm no fan of Obama either.

I'd read about his dad's dealings wrt the USS Liberty too - makes ya wonder eh? Notice how little real attention is being given to exactly what happened to McCain during those years?

What a mess.