Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quick Update: Free Gaza

Just a real quick post to link to a recent AFP piece regarding the Free Gaza and Liberty:

Activists determined to break Gaza blockade despite threats

LARNACA, Cyprus (AFP) — Activists said Wednesday they were determined to break the Israeli blockade of the poverty-stricken Gaza Strip by boat despite receiving death threats.

"I've been called personally 17 times and asked how and when I would like to die," Palestinian activist Osama Qashoo told AFP.

"They also called my family in the West Bank and threatened to kill them, so there's lots of pressure, it's moral and psychological terrorism."

Qashoo said he traced one phone number to an Israeli network but couldn't say who was behind the intimidating threats.

Two converted fishing boats carrying 40-odd activists are due to set sail from Cyprus on Thursday for the 370 kilometre (230 mile) sea voyage to Gaza in a bid to break the blockade.

The boats, which arrived in Cyprus on Tuesday, are currently docked at Larnaca port on the island's south coast where Cypriots officials are checking everything is in order.

Although organisers for the US-based Free Gaza Movement fear the Israelis might sabotage the trip, they are confident of reaching their destination.

"We will try leave tomorrow night if everything falls into place, that's the intention," organiser Paul Larudee told AFP.

"People have threatened to blow the boats up, we are worried, but that's not going to stop anybody. I think we will succeed."

In 1988, a ferry planning to return Palestinian deportees to the Israeli port of Haifa was the target of a limpet mine attack off Cyprus's second city of Limassol a day after three Palestinian organisers were killed by a car bomb.

Israel's Mossad secret service was blamed but the Israelis denied involvement.

According to the Free Gaza Movement, the Israeli government contacted the Cyprus authorities to see if the boats could be stopped but was told "no."

Well good on the Cyprus authorities telling Israel 'NO'.

They need to hear that word ALOT more: NO more occupation. NO more ethnic cleansing. NO more collective punishment. NO MORE!!


Penny said...

I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for them, that they complete this and complete it safely.

thinking positive thoughts............

nobody said...

I'm given to thinking that whether they make it or not their fearlessness sets a stunning example. If everyone in the world was as fearless as they are, it would be a different world.

Penny said...

that much is true nobody.