Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cynthia McKinney on CNN

Way to go Cynthia don't let that x-muchmusic idiot talk over you!

Cythinia was on the Dignity, the boat the Israeli navy rammed and damaged in international waters.

Israel's Genocidal Provocations

I've been pondering just what Israel could be thinking, as it pounds the life out of the people in Gaza. Could this disgusting act be a provocation to ignite the Arab and Muslim world to call for retaliation against her? In many ways, this might be what Israel wants.

Consider this: No matter how Israel and her apologists try to frame this latest operation it is still a PR nightmare. However, one thing it does do is inflame the already negative attitudes held by most of the Arab and Muslim world with respect to Israel herself, thus Israel is setting herself up again as the perpetual victim.

Already we are seeing signs of this, with the typical Israeli response of "Everyone hates us and they're all anti-semites!" Consider that they have been hitting the war drums for an attack against Iran, but the US has shyed away from a full out support of such action. Even the EU isn't hot and bothered enough to agree with Israeli demands that we all get together and nuke Persia. What to do?

Here's the scenario: Bomb the crap out of Gaza, kill as many people and destroy as much infrastucture as possible and when the rest of the world reacts, blame Iran and start the big fight.

This is not as far-fetched as it may seem, right now the leading article in Canada's Globe and Mail world section, shows a 'hard-line' Iranian claiming they will start suicide bombings against Israel. Again the msm lurches forward carrying out the plans of her master. Notice too that throughout all of this NO comments have been allowed at the G&M - typical of their oh-so-biased editorial staff.

We've been down this road before, the lies which led the Americans and thier cohorts into destroying and occupying Iraq, the excuses given for the invasion of Afghanistan, the list is really endless: Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Central and South America, Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea ad infinitum.

This latest atrocity - Gaza - has all the hallmarks of provacation. They want someone to say enough is enough, perhaps Hezbolla, for that will give them the excuse to let loose on anyone they perceive as their enemies (read: the REST of the PLANET). And Israel DOES have nukes!

Let us NOT be fooled again, let us not be complacent. Get off your couch, write your representatives, phone them, hound them and spread the word: We won't be fooled again into fighting Israel's wars.

Enough is enough.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Summing it up

Thanks to Stuart Littlewood, whose piece you can read here

For example......

"Israeli citizens have been under the threat of daily attack from Gaza for years."
Palestinians have been under harsh Israeli occupation for 60 years.

"Only this week hundreds of missiles and mortars shells were fired at Israeli civilian communities."
Only one in 500 Qassam rockets causes a fatality. How many thousands of Israeli bombs, missiles, rockets, grenades and tank-shells have been blasted into the crowded city and towns of the Gaza Strip by Israel’s high-tech weaponry?

"Until now we have shown restraint. But today there is no other option than a military operation."
The only legitimate option for Israel is to end the occupation and withdraw behind its 1967 border, as required under international law and UN resolution. Israel has been killing Palestinians at the rate of 8 to 1 since 2000, and children at the rate of nearly 12 to 1 (B’Tselem figures). This is somebody’s idea of restraint?

Just so ya know....

Israel has rammed and damaged the Dignity, a vessel carrying aid and food to the Gaza Strip. The Israeli navy fired shots and caused severe damage to her hull. Thankfully, the Dignity has limped into harbour in Tyre, Lebanon.

Just one more disgusting act on the part of that SLC.

Free Gaza

Note that among the participants on this voyage was Cynthia McKinney, a brave soul and honourable American.

Israel, I weep for thee

Oh Israel, my head shakes and my heart aches for you. It really does. The dreams you held so dear have turned into nightmares for those around you, all the time seducing you deeper into the pits of Hell. You have become what you hated, what you ran from, what you wanted to escape from. You have taken the sympathy of the world and squeezed it for all it's worth, you have whored yourself to the alter of the Wargods and lost your soul in the process. You have exploited your own to serve a vile end. You have nailed yourself shut in your own self made coffins, not listening to the voice screaming in you ears to stop, think, respond in a manner akin to humanity. Woe be you.

The line has been crossed again, as you shoot fish in a barrel of you own making, desperately trying to justify your genocidal actions. Still crying for sympathy to the world who is seeing you for the ghoul you really are. Still you cling, craven and vile to the mistaken belief you are right, righteous and pure in your motives. You stir the pot, all the while poisoning your own wells. Your own actions will lead to your end.

And what of the Jews of the Diaspora? How will your actions reverberate on them? Will it be as it has been, time and time before? Will those who awaken to the crimes of Israel be able to distinguish between the honest Jew and the Warmongering Whore who calls herself Israel? Your actions endanger all Jews, by your tying of Judaism to the State of Israel you diminish the voices of peace amongst her sheep. You paint all with one brush, and will scream when all are percieved to the the same. You are the worst enemy of the Jews yourself, as you sow division and lies throughout the lands, never considering that it is your own actions which justify the lies of the classic anti-semite. You breed hatred, you foster ill will and you will be the author of your own demise.

The sympathy well is empty. You have gone too far. You have taken whatever was good in you and sold it for blood - the blood of Gaza, the blood of your own. Only when your people rise up and call an end to the massacres, and end to the Hell which you govern will any understanding for you return, if it does, if it can. For now, your moral closet stands empty, devoid of any empathy, devoid of rememberance of what was done to you, and how you now to this to others.

Israel, I weep for thee.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Updates on Gaza

Since my initial post Saturday, the death toll has now risen to over 300, with the wounded numbering over 800. That is well over 1000 people killed or maimed. Add to this the family members of the deceased and wounded and this latest assault effects thousands.

Israel says she must now launch an aggressive 'PR' campaign, once again portraying herself as the perpetual victim, always in the 'right' to 'defending' herself from the horrors of the 'Arab terrorists'. Well, it is certainly clear which lands on this planet think for themselves and who just follows the Israeli Dog: The US of course, blames Hamas and supports the brave Israeli response to the rocket fire which has perhaps killed only one Israeli, Australia too threw her support behind the Israeli's 'measured response' to the 'terror of the rockets'. Canada, as far as I can tell has said nothing, but of course will tow the line - especially under our dear leader Harper, who assisted in this mess by cutting off all foreign aid to the Gaza strip back in 2006, thus helping to turn this slip of land into the largest concentration camp in the world.

Shame, shame and more shame.

Everyone seems to start off mentioning that Hamas has been firing rockets at the nearby Israeli villages. Strangley, many of these rockets, I'll wager a good 98% of them, never hit anything. With all things being equal one should expect that at least 50% of these things should hit a target. Oddly - they don't. I'll let you all in on a personal secret: I cannot throw a snowball for the life of me (or any ball for that matter, really!) However, even on my worst day I will usually be able to get on or very close to my target about four times out of ten. Which, to me begs a few questions: Are the 'jihadists' who are presumably firing these things really such bad shooters? Since the firing of these rockets is what has enabled Israel to launch this 'offensive' how does it actually benefit Hamas or the people of Gaza? Who really benefits from these qassams? In short, it is Israel who benefits most, and keeping in mind the motto of Mossad: By way of Deception we shall make war, then who is really firing these things? Something to ponder for sure, especially since Hamas itself had stopped all rocket fire during the ceasefire - which was violated first by Israel back in November. Not unlike the constant violations by Israel of another 'ceasefire' which she had agreed to with Lebanon's Hezbolla.

It is not as if Israel had no other choices either. She could have lifted the year and a half siege on Gaza, allowed her to trade, to maintain her economy, allowed her people to move freely - but no that is not in Israel's interest is it? How could Israel ever survive without being in a state of constant war and oppression of others? How could Israel justify the massive amounts of US aid yearly if she doesn't have anyone 'attacking' her? More questions which beg answers, cynical for certain yet nevertheless poignent to the issue. Better get on with the show then!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Holidays: From Israel to Gaza

I think we all knew this was coming. The hawks have been circling and calling out for an invasion for some time now.

It has begun. The Israeli Air force has unleashed her force on the weakened people of Gaza. There are over 150 dead, hundreds wounded - and no real end in sight.

The international community should bow their heads in shame. Shame, shame and more shame is on their shoulders - not just those of the Israeli administrations. The writing has been on the wall for some time now and none of them, NONE, have even tried to riegn the Israeli forces in.

The siege of Gaza weakened it's populace - now the attack will kill many more, more who are already starving, malnourished and terrified.

Read it and weep.

While the world focuses on the economic meltdown, the looming nightmare between Pakistan and India, Israel takes her advantage to kill as many Gazans as possible. So far, with nary a word from the rest of the 'West'.

All this brought to you from the 'Blight among Nations'.

Friday, December 12, 2008

For anyone near Toronto

Dr. Norman Finkelstein will be speaking in Toronto on the 15th of January, 2009. The event is free, and being hosted by Canadians for Peace and Justice in the Mid-East.

Having had the opportunity to see Norman myself, I can't recommend this highly enough.

Norman's Site

University of Toronto
Mississauga (UTM)
CCIT 1080


If you are in the area, try to attend - you will not be disappointed.

It's Official: RCMP gets away with murder!

I must say that I wasn't surprised. I shook my head, in sadness and dismay, yet I had expected this.

Mounties will not be charged in B.C. taser death

It seems they just didn't have enough evidence. I do wonder, what would have constituted evidence?? Perhaps a video? No, we had that (even though it took a bit for the RCMP to release it!). Witnesses perhaps? No, we had those too - all quite shocked.

If the RCMP is at all concerned about it's dismal public image, then this decision by the courts has simply added fuel to the fire. I guess they don't really care what the public thinks of them, why should they? Given the movement towards a police state, both here and in the US (The UK is already there - fullforce!) is it any wonder that the police involved in this clear case of manslaughter get off Scott-free?

I'm too ticked off currently to write much more. It's just another stepping stone towards the loss of democracy and human rights in this rather pathetic land called Canada. This is not the land I was fooled into believing in as a child.

Very sad.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Siege Continues...

An attempt to bring much needed medical supplies to the Shifa Hospital in Gaza has been derailed by Israeli Police in Tel Aviv. The shipment, organised by the Israeli Arab Islamist Movement was hoping to set sail this weekend in yet another attempt to break the inhuman siege on the people of Gaza. Police in Tel Aviv have now moved the boat to a marina and it is under surveillance.

The boat's owners have been warned that by attempting to sail into Gaza they would be breaking the Law and would be arrested. Israeli citizens, whether Jewish, Muslim, Christian are not allowed to enter the Strip. Rarely, if ever, written permission may be obtained - but this is often not the case.

More here at Haaretz.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Libyan Aid Ship turned back, Others continue in Attempt to reach Gaza

While the Libyan vessel carrying 3,000 tons of medical and food aid to the Gaza Strip was turned back by Israeli forces on Tuesday, others are prepared to land at the Gaza Port over the weekend.

From Ma'an:
On Friday a ship sailing from Qatar is scheduled to make landfall in Gaza. On Saturday, a ship sailing from Haifa, in northern Israel, will reach Gaza carrying five tons of humanitarian aid, including medicine, said Al-Khudari, who is the leader of the Popular Committee Against the Siege of Gaza.

Other boats challenging the Israeli siege will set sail from various points over the next few months:

"On 18 December the Islamic Parliamentary Union will dispatch a ship from Larnaca, Cyprus. Two days later, Jordanian activists will send a boat from the Red Sea port of Aqaba.

A Yemeni vessel will set sail in January."

Good luck to all these brave and honourable souls.