Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Siege Continues...

An attempt to bring much needed medical supplies to the Shifa Hospital in Gaza has been derailed by Israeli Police in Tel Aviv. The shipment, organised by the Israeli Arab Islamist Movement was hoping to set sail this weekend in yet another attempt to break the inhuman siege on the people of Gaza. Police in Tel Aviv have now moved the boat to a marina and it is under surveillance.

The boat's owners have been warned that by attempting to sail into Gaza they would be breaking the Law and would be arrested. Israeli citizens, whether Jewish, Muslim, Christian are not allowed to enter the Strip. Rarely, if ever, written permission may be obtained - but this is often not the case.

More here at Haaretz.


Penny said...

well ya know, food and medecine, is a threat.

better to starve and sicken the occupied persons.

there are so many options when it comes to killing people.

Magdelena said...

Israel is simply protecting herself.

Those Gazans are a dangerous lot.

They want to push all Israelis into the sea!