Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mention of Geo-Engineering in the Globe and Mail

The Radical Science of Geo-Engineering: Maybe it's Not so Crazy


his week's session was different, however. Hosted by the UN-chartered Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the meeting marked the first time the Nobel Prize-winning organization has turned its scholarly attention to a set of ideas many critics dismiss as fanciful, and possibly destructive.

At least someone in the mainstream is actually mentioning this topic, usually confined to alternative sites as well as massive disinfo campaigns. Does anyone believe that they haven't already tried out some of these methods? Good grief, just look up in the sky some days and you can see what are clearly not contrails all over the place, none of which are following any designated flight paths and trails which spread out 'whitening' the sky.

Given the illustrious history of the IPCC, would you trust them with the climate of the world? Just another method to launch war and destabilise countries and make a buck while doing it.

These control freaks need to be stopped.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another link in the SSRI violence chain..

Was just reading the Globe and Mail (yeah I am masochistic, but this arthritis is making sleep an elusive beast!). That aside I came across this interesting article:

Psychiatric Drugs in Water Make Fish Bolder

Normally, perch are shy and hunt in schools. This is a known strategy for survival and growth. But those who who swim in Oxazepam become considerably bolder,” Tomas Brodin, the lead researcher, said in a statement released along with the study.
The drug essentially made the fish braver and less social – even anti-social. “Perch that were exposed to Oxazepam lost interest in hanging out with the group, and some even strayed as far away from group as possible,” Brodin said.

This is very interesting given the adverse effects seen in humans as well. The lack of socialisation, the 'risky' behaviours often leading to suicide and or murder.

While these 'side effects' do not present in all individuals who use psychiatric drugs, we all know and it is 'accepted' that a certain percent of the population will have negative reactions to these concoctions. We have seen and will continue to see these mass shootings, suicides and other deviant behaviours as the use of these drugs continues to pervade society.

For more on SSRIs and other anti-depressants please see:
SSRI Stories

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Engineers and Cats

I know this isn't 'news' but omg this is funny!

For all cat lovers:

Monday, February 4, 2013

RCMP spying on Occupy Ottawa! Imagine my surprise !

Was just reading the news on CBC. Yeah I torture myself, but hey I am paying or it so I may as well monitor where my money is going. They have a badly written little blurb up about how the RCMP spied on the Ottawa Occupy movement, complete with its usual spin and link to drug addicts. I decided to comment, again I clearly am masochistic, and of course my opinion is not worth putting up according to the moderators at ICUC, the private moderation company which we are also paying for to censor the opinions of CBC posters! But I digress...

Here is my post:

This is SOP for governments the world over and it is nothing new.

The above documentary highlights the career of Mark Kennedy, who went undercover to infliltrate the eco movements in the UK and Europe.

What is probably the scariest thing about this is when the moles themselves co-opt the movement and further radicalise the membership in order to create a 'divide and conquer' scenario. We have seen this play out over and over again, especially with movements which bridge politcal and socio-economic divides. Can't have people agreeing can we? They might actually see who is REALLY responsible for the misery in their lives, better to divert attention.

Smoke and Mirrors.

It clearly does not violate any posting guidelines and is on topic, but hey the CBC is big on censorship of ideas lately, and it only is getting worse. Heck it's worse now than even six months ago. Don't bother calling the Ombudsman either, the guy is clearly a gatekeeper and disinfo stooge.

I highly recommend the above film, Confessions of an Undercover Cop

Keep this in mind the next time you see any demonstration or protest.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Delusions of the Radical Left

Prohibition Doesn't Work for Alcohol or Marijuana, but it will Somehow Work for Guns...

The prohibition quiz

Give the following quiz to just about anyone on the left, and they'll probably know the correct answer:

Question: The banning of medical marijuana and recreational marijuana has caused which of the following effects?

A) The growth of a huge underground economy of illegal sales that pumps billions of dollars into the hands of drug gangs.

B) The filling of America's prisons with non-violent criminals who don't really deserve to be in prison.

C) The creation of a massive, tyrannical War on Drugs, complete with armed DEA raids on citizens' homes and the growth of an armed domestic agency that terrorizes many Americans.

D) All of the above.

The answer, of course, is D... all of the above.

Everybody who has even half a brain still functioning knows that prohibition drives trade underground, where it ultimately results in MORE crime, not less crime.

So how does the radical left now think that gun prohibition will work? How will gun prohibition not drive the entire gun economy underground? How will gun prohibition not result in the imprisonment of yet more innocent people who only sought to purchase tools of self defense by whatever means were available to them? How will gun prohibition not result in the massive expansion of the government's "War on Guns" crusade that wastes billions in taxpayer dollars and accomplishes nothing?

If the War on Drugs is a failure, the War on Guns will be a bloody catastrophe.

Thanks Mike Adams, nice to see someone thinking clearly on this issue. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Just a little comedic reminder - Reality Check with Carlin

Just a reminder about illusions and 'magic' in more ways than one.

Here's another:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Conversation with Vandava Shiva - GMOs and Sustainable Agriculture

I absolutely love this woman, her strength and her conviction sets an example to us all, please watch and enjoy!

Edited to add:

Dr. Shiva is truly an incredible human being, if you are not familiar with her, below is a good introduction; an interview with George Strombolopolus

 Below is a great presentation done this past October, specifically with respect to GMOs.

Part 2:

Seed Freedom

Monday, January 14, 2013

Autism and Vaccines - Carolyn Maloney grills CDC

In the excerpt above Rep. Carolyn Maloney grills the CDC representative on the link between vaccine schedules and the exponential rise of Autism Spectrum Disorder throughout the US and other developed nations.

I put this up because CBC has a blurby little article up about a poor child in BC who cannot get help for his autism due to extremely long wait times (oh gee isn't out hellth system grand?).

What bothered me was CBC stating that the cause of Autism is NOT known, but may be genetic.



While I agree that genetics may play a role in the reaction of some children to the agressive vaccination schedules, especially in the US, I doubt it is the true cause. 

Also, while a single vaccination may not push these individuals over the edge, what about nine or ten at a time, every few months? How is loading all the toxins into such a small body NOT harmful? Are these schedules part of the problem? I think they are. I would also wager that other environmental factors are contributing to this rise of autism - the food we eat and feed our children can also be part of the problem, so many stressors on such a small body, whose immune system hasn't even been established yet. Not to mention the mother's health throughout her pregnancy, what she consumes, is she on drugs herself? There are many factors to take into consideration.

To give blanket statements that vaccines are not to blame at all is misleading at best, criminal at worst. But therein lies the problem doesn't it? What will happen if it is established without a shadow of a doubt that the amount and frequency of these vaccination schedules IS the underlying cause for the skyrocketing rates of ASD? What then? Who will be held accountable?

Well, in this world of BigPharma and government collusion, it won't be them.

This is all truly tragic and my heart goes out to anyone who is having to cope and live with a child so harmed by this profit driven madness we call health care. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Is Chief Spence the FN's Alex Jones?

We've had disussions around here after watching the jaw-dropping performance of Alex Jones on CNN's Piers Morgan show. It was truly devastating and exactly what those in power want.  It succeeded in making anyone who questions government narrative on guns, ssris, or 911 be considered as whacky as Jones. It is being broadcast all over the world - it is damning beyond belief. Now anytime these subjects are brought up the media can relate those views to those of Jones' ilk. It really was awful.

That said, I was reading about Chief Theresa Spence's hunger strike and the Idle No More movement and a recurring thought crossed my mind. Ms. Spence is the First Nation's and INM's Alex Jones. By her actions she has done more to divide and polarise all Canadians, including her own. She has completely taken the spotlight off of the real issue - the bill itself and what it means. It is not, as most omnibus bills aren't, good for Canadians - all of us. Yet, no talk about the bill - just all about Spence!

In a way, she is the best gift that Harper could have dreamed of!

Instead of the issues of the bill being broadcast and unvieled for all Canadians to unite against, a unifying process if you will, we now have division politics at its best.

If the rest of the First Nations representatives want to gain any respect back in the eyes of all Canadians, their own included, they will muzzle this woman and send her packing. 

Perhaps then we can all talk about what we all lost in this dreadful bill.

Alex Jones on Piers Morgan.. Is Any More Proof Needed?

I stopped listening to Alex many years ago, to be frank I never really like his 'style'.  I will acknowledge, like anyone else, that he made some good points and did wake many folks up - but and this is a big BUT - there was always something there which made me roll my eyes, or even sometimes squint! In other words some things didn't make sense or add up. Coupled with his 'style' it certainly made me wonder about his entire credibility and for myself he became relegated to the 'take a teaspoon of salt' category. Now, don't get me wrong, sometimes Alex does get it right - but that is the point.

This latest loss of composure illustrated on Piers Morgan further indicates to me anyway, that Alex is the establishments best friend forever.

Don't get me wrong, I am actually quite pro self defence, I don't have a problem with same folks owning guns to protect what is theirs. I think the 2nd Amendment is a fundemental for any soveriegn state to maintain its democracy from within, not just wthout.

What Jones did on CNN for the whole nation to see was a tragedy. I could hardly watch it to the end. It left me speechless. All I could think was what an idiot! He played into their hands, gave them exactly what they want on every level. He brought up good points, yet every one of them was negated by his juvenille performance. He should be ashamed. He has made it much more difficult for those of reason to begin a debate about gun control.  Couple that with this ridiculours rant on 911, well played by Morgan, and now the mainstream media can discredit anyone within the truth movement.

Thanks alot Alex, or is that what you really do?

Already this tirade has made international news, The Telegraph lists some of the 'crazy' things Alex spoke of, including the 'suicide' pills, like prozac. So, now anyone who brings this topic up in dicussion can be easily dismissed in the mainstream by citing the 'kook' Alex Jones.

He has poisoned the well, but was that not the point. If Alex were truly a disinfo agent this should be expected.

I hear is is also banning people from his own boards who have pointed out that his meltdown. Alex did more to hurt the image of those who question government narratives than what the authorities could ever dream of.