Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Delusions of the Radical Left

Prohibition Doesn't Work for Alcohol or Marijuana, but it will Somehow Work for Guns...

The prohibition quiz

Give the following quiz to just about anyone on the left, and they'll probably know the correct answer:

Question: The banning of medical marijuana and recreational marijuana has caused which of the following effects?

A) The growth of a huge underground economy of illegal sales that pumps billions of dollars into the hands of drug gangs.

B) The filling of America's prisons with non-violent criminals who don't really deserve to be in prison.

C) The creation of a massive, tyrannical War on Drugs, complete with armed DEA raids on citizens' homes and the growth of an armed domestic agency that terrorizes many Americans.

D) All of the above.

The answer, of course, is D... all of the above.

Everybody who has even half a brain still functioning knows that prohibition drives trade underground, where it ultimately results in MORE crime, not less crime.

So how does the radical left now think that gun prohibition will work? How will gun prohibition not drive the entire gun economy underground? How will gun prohibition not result in the imprisonment of yet more innocent people who only sought to purchase tools of self defense by whatever means were available to them? How will gun prohibition not result in the massive expansion of the government's "War on Guns" crusade that wastes billions in taxpayer dollars and accomplishes nothing?

If the War on Drugs is a failure, the War on Guns will be a bloody catastrophe.

Thanks Mike Adams, nice to see someone thinking clearly on this issue. 


Penny said...

"The real problem in America today is delusional thinking"

When I read that I thought..
Isn't that a problem the world over?

Doug Plumb said...

This is the second best point ever made in the gun control debate.

The best point is that, statistically, increased gun ownership in the general law abiding population has the affect of decreasing violent crime.

Even the dumbest establishment supporter has to start asking themselves, why do they want to take our guns ?

Magdelena said...

Gun grabbers base their entire case on 'emotion'. Not unlike the Carbonazis.

I am a reformed gun grabber. I was young and naive enough to think if we just got rid of guns no one would get shot.

Then I woke up and thought of it in a different context. I would say that this issue was one of the first 'a ha' moments in my introduction to 'how it really' is, instead of 'how you are programmed to see it'.

Still, arguing with gun grabbers is like talking to a born again... it's all faith and no fact.