Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My first blog entry

I was inspired by a dear friend to begin this blog.

So many of us are fed-up with the current state of the mainstream media. Lies upon lies, piled onto a heap of propoganda - all the while inching us all towards disaster.

Very sad situation - so many I speak with on a daily basis feel this way. Their voices are not heard, their opinions not counted. Better to light a candle than curse the darkness!

So here is my candle, lit.

Shedding a little light - as best I can. The additions to this blog will be sporadic - as my life is a busy one, and time is so precious.

So much is happening so quickly in our world. Wars and conquests rule the day. Threats and promises of destruction seem to have replaced any kind of diplomatic recourse. People to busy with amassing grand material fortunes, at the expense of others, seem to be calling the shots. As they always have.

Was our dream of true democracy just that, a dream? Are we finally waking up to what is occuring around the world in OUR name?

Does this anger others? Does this make some of you, dear readers, think? Or has the loss of critical thought and caring for those less fortunate eroded any kind of feeling of fellowship amongst all of us humans? The divide and conquer technique is applied in full strength these days it seems. Just to utter the mantra: Bring our Troops home is to expose oneself to taunts of 'traitor' or 'islamophile'. Us or them eh? Is it really?

When will we wake up, and realize that the 'us and them' are really just YOU and ME. In other words - all of us. Whether Christian, Jew, Muslim or 'other' we are all in this mess together - I for one think it is high time to realise that the problem is NOT the 'Muslims' or the 'Jews' or the 'whoever is the scapegoat of the day'. The problem lays with the bureaucracies we have created. These overfilled buildings of civil servants - tasked to keep up the charade - all the while whittling down what was once a spearhead for the ideals of equality and freedom. We didn't safeguard what we had, we allowed others to run the factory - for that we will pay the price - just as the German people did not so long ago.

History will be repeated, because history as it is taught, was written by the victors - who know no lies they didn't like.

Take, for example the lies of WMD in Iraq - we all knew for a long time that this was simply that - a lie. Now even the Pentagon agrees. Meanwhile - a million people have lost their lives. Over three million are homeless and destitute. What difference has it made? Is the world safer? Is it now a better place?

Only when we really do begin to hold those responsible for these reprehensible acts, will anything change. I am not holding my breath - because sadly it seems that far more people are allowing themselves to become polarised - allowing themselves to be aligned with state sponsored terror, allowing themselves to do nothing at all. I do hold out hope that I may be wrong - yet a little voice deep inside my heart mourns that I just may, sadly, be right.

So prove me wrong.

Who wants to see change? Who would like to see us unite instead of divide? Afterall, it's the only way to effect positive advances - knowledge is power - but it us really up to every one of us to use that knowledge, and to continue to seek more.

Our similarities are far greater than our differences. Let's look at those - what makes us all human and start to rail against the machine of hate, divisions, and bigottry.

Thanks for reading... that's it for now... I have to do some actual work!