Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pakistan, Afghanistan and Mr. Negroponte

Last year when John Negroponte visited both Afghanistan and Pakistan, my first thought was: Here come the 'death' squads! Expect to see increased violence and roadside bombings, kidnappings and general mayhem! (Afterall that is this gent's forte and history supports this - for both the role he played in Central America and Iraq).

It seems that whenever this POS shows up - civil unrest and 'group' violence escalates - thus resulting in the action which the occupier (the US) had wanted but couldn't quite justify without some kind of 'organised terror group'.

We've seen this all before - it's a wonder that so many don't recognize it for what it is: controlled incitement and invention of an enemy.

Here is a sampling of various articles dealing with Negroponte's visit to both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Make of it what you will - but keep in mind this POS's track record.

And for those here too young to recall, here is a recap of google hits dealing with this 'human's' (and I use that term loosely) history.

Recall, it wasn't long after Negroponte left Pakistan that Bhutto was assassinated. How nice. How coinicidental.. I think not.

Great Interview with Jesse Ventura

Ventura on Stern

Very refreshing interview with Jesse Ventura, speaking on 911, the fake war on Terror, the lies which led to the occupation and devastation of two countries (so far) and all the intrigue which goes along with this convoluded mess.

Hooray for folks like Ventura (whom I have always kind of liked).

Stern, as usual tows the party line - being the shock brand controlled opposition that he is! Ventura, smacks him down!!


Monday, July 28, 2008

Qantas Hole in the Plane

Let me just muse here for a minute: Was this mishap a potential 'false flag' flop? Let's see now, with the Aussies voting in Rudd, and the subsequent announcement to begin troop withdrawls from Iraq, could it be that the Aussies needed to be brought back in line? What a better way than to down one of their jets? Something isn't right about this...

I really have no proof of this, as I said - just a little musing.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Update - diamonds, exploitation and Leviev...

Adalah's Press Release

Lev Leviev is one of Israel’s richest men. He built his enormous fortune trading in diamonds with Apartheid-era South Africa. His company now buys diamonds from the repressive Angolan government.
Leviev uses profits from diamond sales to fuel the conflict in Palestine and Israel by funding the construction of suburban developments for Israeli settlers on occupied Palestinian land in the West Bank, undermining the prospects for Middle East peace, and threatening farmers' ability to survive and remain in their homes. Leviev’s diamonds are “conflict diamonds” in a broad sense of the term, funding repression in Angola and violations of international law in Palestine.


Leviev’s real estate empire in Israel is building homes for Israelis in the West Bank settlements of Mattityahu East and Zufim, according to Gadi Algazi in the August, 2006 Le Monde Diplomatique, and in Maale Adumim and Har Homa, according to The Jerusalem Post. He has also built homes in the settlement of Ariel. All the settlements in which Leviev has built homes seize vital Palestinian water and agricultural resources and carve the West Bank into disconnected Bantustans, destroying hopes for a viable Palestinian state. All Israeli settlements built in the Occupied Palestinian Territories violate international law.

The Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth also reported on January 28, 2004 that Leviev is a primary donor to the Israeli organization the Land Redemption Fund, which allegedly uses fraud and intimidation to extort land from Palestinian farmers for Israeli settlement. While Leviev donates to UNICEF and OXFAM, 50% of families in the farming village of Jayyous are now on food aid, according to the Financial Times, because they are being choked by Leviev’s expansion of the all-Jewish settlement of Zufim. Leveiv and Boymlegreen are building the settlement of Mattityahu East on the village of Bil’in’s land. Bil’in has earned international acclaim for its three year campaign of nonviolent protest against the construction of settlements and Israel’s wall on their farmland.

Just a little more background on this character:

Diamond Billionaire Takes New York

On Sunday, he flew to New York to appear in front of 4,300 black-hatted Chabad-Lubavitch rabbis. The Uzbekistan-born Leviev, who made his fortune cracking the De Beers diamond cartel, is the most powerful lay leader of the Chabad movement’s rapidly growing branch in the former Soviet Union, and he was given a standing ovation by the gender-segregated crowd.

Two days later, Leviev was still wearing his yarmulke, but this time around he appeared in front of women in low-cut dresses who had come for the opening of LEVIEV, the magnate’s flagship American diamond retailer on Madison Avenue.

How nice for Leviev! Uzbekistan eh? hmmm...

In one effort to synthesize his two worlds, Leviev employed a running metaphor during his speech at the Chabad banquet. “Every Jew is a diamond,” he said

Again how nice.

I sure hope that the Quebec Government pursues the suit and isn't silenced by the usual methods!! (We all know what they are!).

Friday, July 25, 2008

Just another Bulldozer post

A link to Gideon Levy's recent rant about the Bulldozer, added for context with just a short excerpt:

Caterpillar Fashion

In 2004, for example, 10,704 Palestinians were made homeless after the IDF destroyed 1,404 homes, mostly in Gaza, due to "operational needs." In the Jenin refugee camp, Israel destroyed 560 homes; the legendary bulldozer driver "Kurdi" told how he would swig whiskey as he "turned Jenin into a soccer field." In Operation Rainbow, another bulldozer operation, Israel destroyed 120 homes in one day in the Brazil camp in Rafah. Only someone who was in Rafah and Khan Yunis at the time can understand what our excellent bulldozers did. Do not say that our bulldozers only destroy but do not kill. Who killed peace activist Rachel Corrie if not a bulldozer whose driver, according to witnesses, saw her before he crushed her to death? And what about the Shubi family in the Nablus casbah - a grandfather, two aunts, a mother and two children - crushed under bulldozers? And who killed Jamal Faid, a handicapped man from the Jenin camp, whose wheelchair only was found under the ruins of his house, with his body never recovered? Was that not bulldozer terror?

Indeed Mr. Levy, and thank you for your honourable efforts - if only we had more journalist like you in Canada! (Though I imagine we do - they never get to see their pieces printed...).

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bulldozers, Nutbars and Home Demolitions

Well, it seems that another nutbar decided to use a bulldozer and demolish property and injure innocent people in East Jerusalem - and all just when Obamarama was visiting too! It's a good thing that this kook was blown away. Was he a 'terrorist', maybe in so far as anyone who loses it in public is (you know like postal workers and such, who flip out for whatever deluded reason).

Yet, however tragic and morally deficient this act was, the bulldozer itself knows no bigottry, for it is simply a tool. And a nasty one sometimes at that. Since the call 'take every hilltop' was issued over 18,000 Palestinian's homes, olive groves and property, have been destroyed by these machines - all with someone driving it. On occassion, also crushing and killing those inside. Here is another view on what these Cats do - on a much larger scale as far as property destruction and lives destroyed can be measured. Below, a short excerpt but sadly not unique:

With the destruction comes death. In July, a 75 year-old man in a wheelchair, Ibrahim Halfalla, was crushed to death under the rubble of his Khan Yunis home by an army bulldozer because he did not get out in time."

Of course, everyone has already heard about Rachel Corrie and that is probably because she was an American. Ibrahim didn't make the front page of almost all Western media, did he? Again, the media shows its dreadful double standard.

So, while tragic for the innocent Israelis affected by the crazed nutbars in these two incidents in Jerusalem, the destructive capabilities of the Bulldozer is very well known to Native Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. We need only look to see, listen to hear, about how often these devices are used to 'terrorize' - yes I will use that term - the OT inhabitants. A quick look over at
Israeli Commitee Against House Demolitions will set one on a journey that many won't really want to believe - and one that is rarely, if ever, written or spoken of in our Canadian or American corporate media - shame on them! Thus allowing events like the Nutbar Bulldozer Hijacker in Jerusalem to be shown completely out of context - as is often the case with reporting on the Israeli/Palestinian issue.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some news you won't see on CTV or CBC

It seems that any article concerning Israel in the Canadian press is so one sided as to be laughable. This is evidently, par for the course. The reasons are many and certainly this double standard is not confined to Canadian news, as it is also well practiced in the American media as well (which begs the question - is any mainstream news source in the Americas truly free?). My answer to that would be an emphatic NO.

As an example, one only has to gaze upon the 'comments' section of Canada's Globe and Mail. Rarely, if ever, are comments even allowed on articles concerning Israel. When they are they are heavily moderated and always inundated with blatent Israel-Firsters - who will sling the 'anti-semite' slur against anyone taking a moderate, middle of the road view of the entire Israel/Palestine conflict. All this does is prevent any kind of real debate as the accused winds up defending his/her character and all real discussion is derailed. I often wonder who the censor is, and what truly motivates them. While some posters will outright call for a nuke to be dropped on Iran, by Israel or the US, never would one see a post advocating the nuking of Israel. It is my opinion that use of nukes by either party would be disasterous - but I digress.

Just recently, a suit has been brought to the Quebec Supreme Court by the city of Bil'in against Green Park International and Green Mount International for building illegal settlements within the West Bank. As most do know, these settlements are illegal under international law and result in the continued displacement of native Palestinian populations. Here is the link to the first article on this (note: it appeared first in The Guardian, a UK newspaper).

Palestinian villages try to sue Canadian Builders

The case, brought to the Quebec superior court in Montreal, alleges that the two Canadian firms are breaching international law by building and selling homes in part of the settlement of Modi'in Illit on land originally belonging to the Palestinian village of Bil'in.
"In so doing, the defendants are aiding, abetting, assisting and conspiring with the state of Israel in carrying out an illegal purpose," according to the writ of claim filed to the court. It said their conduct amounted to a "fundamental violation of the human rights of the villagers" and "denies them freedom of movement".

Interesting isn't it? Now, finally the Canadian press did chime in, yesterday July 21 -

Activists say Montreal firms used as fronts for building Israeli settlements

Better late than never I suppose, and at least this article adds a little more information to the mix. It turns out that both these companies also have ties with the Congolese diamond trade and the recently maligned Lev Leviev (dropped by UNICEF as a sponser after it had become known his involvement illegal settlement building in Palestine). Ohhh you say, the plot thickens eh? Indeed:

Adalah-NY argues Boymelgreen used Green Park and Green Mount to sub-contract the construction of the settlements near Bilin to Danya Cebus, a subsidiary of Africa Israel Investments.
The conglomerate is headed by Israeli diamond magnate Lev Leviev, who partnered with Boymelgreen in a series of New York real-estate ventures between 2002-2007.
UNICEF, the UN children's fund, cut its ties with Leviev last month after it found "at least a reasonable grounds for suspecting" that Danya Cebus was involved in settlement building, which is considered illegal by the UN.
Adalah-NY said their research has shown that settlements are often funded by complex and misleading business deals.
"They want people to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain," said Bloom.

Okay, so we've travelled now a few feet down the rabbit hole - of course none of this is mentioned in any widely read mainstream paper in Canada - at least not online. Imagine if you will someone setting up camp in your backyard, refusing to leave and beginning excavations for a permanent dwelling. All calls to police go unanswered. Eventually these people start roaming around your house and gradually taking over, using arms and violence, your entire house. This is pretty much what occurs daily in Occupied Palestine - over and over, ad infinitum.

It is still questionable as to how far this suit will make it in the courts. I hope it goes the whole way - as actions such as these certainly place a black spot on Canada's reputation (sullied quite a bit recently under the Martin and Harper regimes) worldwide. It reflects the movement towards pro-Zionist expansionism supported by our own Government. No longer is Canada moderate in her actions towards Israel's illegal activities, now it seems we support them wholeheartedly. Something I feel is NOT in our land's best interest.