Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pakistan, Afghanistan and Mr. Negroponte

Last year when John Negroponte visited both Afghanistan and Pakistan, my first thought was: Here come the 'death' squads! Expect to see increased violence and roadside bombings, kidnappings and general mayhem! (Afterall that is this gent's forte and history supports this - for both the role he played in Central America and Iraq).

It seems that whenever this POS shows up - civil unrest and 'group' violence escalates - thus resulting in the action which the occupier (the US) had wanted but couldn't quite justify without some kind of 'organised terror group'.

We've seen this all before - it's a wonder that so many don't recognize it for what it is: controlled incitement and invention of an enemy.

Here is a sampling of various articles dealing with Negroponte's visit to both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Make of it what you will - but keep in mind this POS's track record.

And for those here too young to recall, here is a recap of google hits dealing with this 'human's' (and I use that term loosely) history.

Recall, it wasn't long after Negroponte left Pakistan that Bhutto was assassinated. How nice. How coinicidental.. I think not.


Penny said...

Where Negroponte goes, mayhem follows.

Magdelena said...

Indeed, always.

That's why I just added the google listings for my links - there is a tonne of dirt on the POS. Yet, hardly a word is mentioned of him in any msm reports - which in itself is a red flag!!

Considering his treachery goes all he way back to the Iran/Contra affair (and probably way before that) I am somewhat surprised that very few others have noticed this trend:

Negroponte shows up and death squads follow.

It's clear as glass.