Thursday, July 31, 2008

Great Interview with Jesse Ventura

Ventura on Stern

Very refreshing interview with Jesse Ventura, speaking on 911, the fake war on Terror, the lies which led to the occupation and devastation of two countries (so far) and all the intrigue which goes along with this convoluded mess.

Hooray for folks like Ventura (whom I have always kind of liked).

Stern, as usual tows the party line - being the shock brand controlled opposition that he is! Ventura, smacks him down!!



Penny said...

thanks Maggie!
I am going to listen right now!!

Magdelena said...

I hope you like it.

While I don't agree with Ventura on all points, his candor and straight talk are what the US needs right now, and come to think of it - Canada could use some of that medicine too!!

I think he is correct though, wrt any REAL candidate for office being assassinated. Of course - if you're not owned by the 'right' folks - you're history.

Too bad, a ticket with him and Ron Paul would have helped to repair America's image with the rest of the world.


Penny said...

I did like it, it was a good one.
Jesse is right, he would likely end up dead if he won.
no incentive to run in that case is there?