Monday, June 29, 2009

Today's Public Service Announcement... Skunks...

I write this in the hopes that others who have suffered the cruel fate of having their animals sprayed by a skunk will learn how to deal with the issue of lingering stench.

I have a killer kat. He often eats squirrels and bunnies. I think he maybe thought that the skunk was a larger squirrel. Not so, clearly.

He got sprayed. Full on.. in the face. Then of course proceeded to run wild through every room in the house. He is hiding right now, somewhere outside, drooling and moaning. I'll let him calm down a bit, then it's treatment time.

I went to the drug store, thankfully it opens early, myself reeking to highest of heavens. Yes I got some looks, but then what do I care what others may or may not think of me!? I purchased some Selsun, not Selsun blue, but regular old Selsun with 2.5% Selenium Sulphide.

This will be applied to the cat, carefully, then rinsed again, taking caution not to lose half the skin on my arms in the process. The Selsun acts via an exchange reaction with the sulphides in the skunk stink, rendering it virtually odourless. Thank goodness for my uni days spent in chemistry!

Now, what to do with the rest of the bloody house!!

Here is the killer in action:

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Neo-Nazis, the CJC and Agent Provacatuers

I know that quite a few of us already are aware of this, but hey, I gotta say: Way to go Ezra!!

Canadian Jewish Congress Organised Nazis

A Jewish-Canadian author is in a battle of words with the Canadian Jewish Congress after alleging the organization props up neo-nazi groups to get “hate crime” legislation passed and expand the role of the country’s Human Rights Commission.

Neo-conservative author Ezra Levant claims in his latest book, Shakedown, that the Canadian Jewish Congress hired ex-cop John Garrity to work for the Canadian Nazi Party in the 1960’s. In 1965 and 1966, Garrity was put in charge of membership for the group and organized the dozen or so “rag-tag band of losers” into an outfit that garned a lot of press coverage.

That media attention was used by the CJC to build up a precieved public threat that persuaded Parliament to abridge Canada’s freedom of speech, Levant contends. The CJC, which had been advocating restrictions on free speech in Canada since the 1930’s, used the Nazi Party’s publicity to successfully lobby for the 1971 “hate law” (Section 319 of the Criminal Code). The end result was the enactment of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which “empowers the Canadian Human Rights Commission to deal with complaints regarding the communication of hate messages by telephone or on the Internet.”

Click the link above for the rest of this very revealing article.

It certainly makes one wonder as to who and what are behind these so-called domestic terror groups as well.

It is my opinion that the CJC and B'nai B'rith should declare themselves as agents of a foreign government.

Seems these organisations have a long history of making the trouble they imagine themselves. Problem, reaction, solution.

Edited to add the link to Ezra's own article:
Why Did the Jewish Congress Build Up the Nazi Party?

The above, please read it all - it's Ezra at his finest - contains his response to Bulka's own rant in the Ottawa Citizen:

In 1965 and 1966, the Canadian Jewish Congress helped organize the fledgling Canadian Nazi Party. That sounds crazy, but it's true, and I wrote about it in Shakedown, my new book about Canada's human rights commissions.

In a letter to the editor in the Citizen last week, the CJC's current co-president, Rabbi Reuven Bulka, called my book's description of the CJC's role "fiction." He said all the CJC did for the Nazis was buy them a bottle of rum.

It's true that the CJC did buy drinks for Nazis in the 1960s. That's pretty strange in itself, and I'd like to hear more of Rabbi Bulka's thoughts on spending Jewish charitable donations that way. But the CJC did a lot more than that: they hired an ex-cop named John Garrity to go to work for the Canadian Nazi Party.

Garrity helped organize that rag-tag band of losers, though they never amounted to anything except for fodder for the press.

There were only a dozen active Nazis when Garrity joined them and they weren't really a political party. He called them "harmless misfits," and they were -- their leader, John Beattie, was a nervous, gaunt, unemployed 24-year-old clerk who spent much of his time dodging angry Jews who tried to beat him up. (One of Garrity's jobs was to help Beattie escape street fights.)

Garrity brought more than just rum to the Nazis. He brought with him pretty much the only organizational talent the group had. They put him in charge of membership. Garrity called himself the "Heinrich Himmler" of the party, and a "Nazi leader for the Jewish Congress."

I'd like Rabbi Bulka's thoughts on that, too.

Of course, Garrity helped his paymasters at the CJC, too, giving them information about the names of party members and donors. And when Garrity finally quit the Nazis, he wrote a tell-all about his adventure in Maclean's magazine.

Garrity larded that report with personal insults toward Beattie and the Nazis. But he did acknowledge that they had never done, or even contemplated doing, anything illegal. All of the violence he witnessed was directed at Beattie, usually by Jewish vigilantes. "Sadly, it is the ... anti-Nazi extremists who, in their attempts to destroy Beattie, provide him with most of the publicity he craves. If it weren't for the riots and the assaults and the public protest meetings they hold, there'd be no real news in Beattie," Garrity wrote.

And that is the importance of this story and why I put it in my book about human rights commissions. Beattie hadn't done anything illegal. He was just a loser who believed in a discredited ideology. But the CJC wanted to bring in political censorship laws and I believe they needed to build up the threat to persuade Parliament to abridge Canada's freedom of speech.

Garrity puffed up a group of Nazi nobodies into a national menace, first through organizational support and then through spectacular media publicity. And, sure enough, Parliament enacted section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which censors offensive speech.

That's become a pattern. Twenty years after the Canadian Nazi Party vanished, CSIS, Canada's spy agency, inserted an operative named Grant Bristow into another rag-tag racist group called the Heritage Front.

Unlike Garrity, Bristow didn't play second-fiddle.

He became the boss, turning the Heritage Front into Canada's leading white supremacist group. This time it wasn't just Jewish money that was spent propping up neo-Nazis -- all taxpayers paid for it.

Which brings us to the present day -- and back to Rabbi Bulka and the section 13 censorship law. Canada's largest customer of section 13 is Richard Warman, who has been the complainant in all but two cases heard by the tribunal this decade. The CJC was so impressed that they gave Warman an award.

But, in a stunning human rights tribunal ruling last month, Warman himself was rebuked for posting anti-Semitic comments on Stormfront, a neo-Nazi website, including a message calling Jews "scum." Warman has stated that he was attempting to gather information on real Nazis, but the tribunal called his actions "disappointing and disturbing," and ruled that he risked encouraging more hateful messages himself.

Warman's actions appalled the tribunal, but apparently not the CJC. Just as the CJC did with Garrity, Nazi opponents continue to stir up neo-Nazi incidents -- as if there aren't enough real threats to Jews as it is.

Perhaps Rabbi Bulka can explain that one, too.

Another edit:
I was reading the comments at Ezra's blog, where a poster linked to this:
Dissapporbation: Censorship's Most Powerful Tool and a good little argument put forth by Doug Christie of the perils of 'peer pressure' and the fear of disapproval. Worth a listen.

I think part of true freedom is the freedom within oneself not to concern themselves with what others may think of them, trueness and loyalty to one's own ideals is in its own way a form of spiritual and individual freedom.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Good Luck Leslie Hughes - You're Going to Need it!!

Canadian politician sues Jewish Groups

Lesley Hughes, who was dumped as a Liberal candidate in a Winnipeg-area electoral district, claims the Canadian Jewish Congress and B'nai Brith Canada made false and defamatory accusations that she is anti-Semitic.

In a lawsuit filed June 16, Hughes alleges that as a result of the actions of the CJC and B'nai Brith, former federal Liberal leader Stephane Dion revoked her candidacy in last September's federal elections.

Hughes is suing the organizations, four of its senior members and Peter Kent, now a federal Cabinet minister who represents a heavily Jewish Toronto-area district.

In her lawsuit Hughes acknowledges that in a 2002 article in a Winnipeg community newspaper, she repeated a variation of the Internet canard that legions of Jews avoided death in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center because the Mossad knew of the attacks in advance.

"Israeli businesses, which had offices in the Towers, vacated the premises a week before the attacks, breaking their lease to do it," she wrote.

Well, Leslie I admire your fortitude, and wish you all the luck in the world, as you will need it - badly. No matter the threats waged against you and your family and friends - please don't settle.

Though, I predict that this will be dropped. It is a 'David and Goliath' struggle which is stacked in favour of the Goliaths - the 'Jewish' organisations - which of course should really be called Zionist, as these radical bastards don't represent all Jews and tend to give Judaism a REALLY bad name.

Monday, June 15, 2009

My not so Secret Garden...

Just thought I'd toss up some flower pics:

More Salmon Poppies
My Salmon Coloured Poppies

Lovely Peonie! Finally Open
Finally a Peonie Opens

Ah... cool green fern!
A Nice 'Cool' Fern

Some Lovely Lillies, Living with Weeds... :(

I can't remember what this is
I don't remember what this is.. !


A couple more:

pond in spring
My pond in spring (better days)

purple sage2
Purple Sage

Iris again!
"Blue" Iris

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Oi Vey... another Jason Kenney Suck Up

Ottawa pledges $1M for anti-Semitism task force

Frank Dimant, B’nai Brith Canada’s executive vice-president, spoke of the verbal and physical attacks perpetrated against Jewish and pro-Zionist students at university campuses across Canada over the past year.

It seems unthinkable, he mused, that in this day and age, “Canadian universities would be the hotbed of anti-Semitism, disguised as anti-Zionism.”

Dimant went on to praise Canada’s boycott of the United Nations recent followup to its 2001 anti-racism conference, as well as Kenney’s role as a supporter of the Jewish community.

“Your government has been a trailblazer… [and] we are proud to call Canada a friend and ally,” Dimant said.

Please, someone hand out the sickie bags.

A couple of things on Dimant's comments: One, there is difference between the behaviour of Israel's government and the feeling of Jews world wide, Frank. Equating the two puts all Jews in the basket with the worst of the worst who are leading Israel into the pit of hell.

Two: Why is Frank saying that 'your' government has a been a trail blazer - gee Frank isn't it your government too? Or are you simply a foriegn lobbbyist bought and paid for by the more extreme elements of ultra zionist ideology? Aren't you Canadian first Frank? If not, well then make aliyah already darnit!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh My Sky - Tinkering with the Weather

Okay, I started this post back in April... but let's put it up anyway:

Over the last couple of days I've seen a few articles mentioning that the Great and Wonderful Obama is considering 'geo-engineering' to solve the Goresque problem of 'Climate Change'.

This includes intentionally spraying particulates into the upper atmosphere to reduce the amount of solar radiation penetrating to the Earth's surface, creating 'fake trees' to sequester CO2

Obama administration considers climate engineering

Obama adviser says radical tinkering needed to combat climate change

I'm thinking they are already doing this:

funky sky makes me sneeze




More funky Sky

The above photos are just a few examples of what I see out my own window. The other night I happened to be outside at about 1:00 AM, highly unusual for me as I am not a night owl at all. We looked up at the shining moon - it was a sickly orange and lit up many of these trails webbing across it in the sky. Sadly, the pics I took didn't work out - am in no way a photographer. Needless to say it was very odd.

This is going on alot around here, usually in the mornings and the evenings. It's the same as so many others note - the day is clear and bright and by lunchtime everything is a haze. Also, the flightpaths are overwhelmingly east to west - flying nowhere near our airport. Now and again they will do the grid thing, as can be seen above.

So, are these ideas for weather modification bantered around above just a cover for something they have already been doing?

Who knows - but these 'contrails' aren't what they seem. I grew up on air bases, we used to watch the contrails often - they always disappeared. They did not block out the sun and spread all over the sky.

I don't know what these are, but normal they ain't.

I realise this is a military projection project, but you can check it out anyway:
Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Cloud Appreciation Society

This site is really cool...

Cloud Appreciation Society Gallery

I can't display the pics here, but check it out, it's awesome.