Monday, June 15, 2009

My not so Secret Garden...

Just thought I'd toss up some flower pics:

More Salmon Poppies
My Salmon Coloured Poppies

Lovely Peonie! Finally Open
Finally a Peonie Opens

Ah... cool green fern!
A Nice 'Cool' Fern

Some Lovely Lillies, Living with Weeds... :(

I can't remember what this is
I don't remember what this is.. !


A couple more:

pond in spring
My pond in spring (better days)

purple sage2
Purple Sage

Iris again!
"Blue" Iris


nobody said...

Hey Buff, what sort of camera did you use? It takes nice pix don't it? And yes, yes, I expect you had something to do with it as well...

I'm asking because I'm thinking of buying a camera. It seems the new ones are really really good and not very expensive. Well, that's what I'm hoping, anyway.

Magdelena said...

Nobody - it's the camera, really.

It's a Canon Power Shot A400. It's about four, maybe five years old. I think I paid around 200$ for it.

It does alot of things of which I know nothing. It makes movies etc. I'm trying to learn how to set it to panorama and longer exposure, to no avail.

It has a wriststrap - which is good because I'm known for dropping cameras. I've dropped this one even so!!

I'm kinda clutzy sometimes... hee hee.


Penny said...

love'm maggie, now the pressure is on, I gotta get out and get some pics of my garden,

my peonies are the very soft pink one, I see yours are the medium pink.

The last plant,I don't know it either.

Where is your bleeding heart???

Magdelena said...

Glad you liked them - it's your turn now for sure!! Blame Skye!! ;)

Now, as for my 'bleeding heart' - haha I have none!! LOL.

Actually, mine seems to have died over the winter. The one at Dad's was nice, but of course now it's kinda yellow and sad.

That's the only pink peonie I have - I rescued it from being consumed by the cedar hedge in the back - had no idea it was pink for a couple of years until if finally bloomed for me. I have four more monsterous deep dark burgundy ones - they are SO fragrant!! The pink one here has NO smell. Wierd.

Hey, I thought of you yesterday - I had a rose breasted grosbeak visiting my feeders! Gosh what a pretty bird!

Penny said...

Rose breasted grosbeak is a very pretty bird, and not so common either.
If it comes back grab a pic of it, if you can.
Birds are such uncooperative subjects!

Doug Plumb said...

What makes us consider some plants "weeds" and others desirable ? I just chopped down a field of "weeds" that I thought looked quite good at the request of my landlord..

Nice pictures.

Magdelena said...

Thanks Doug, I might just toss up a few more.

As far a what a 'weed' is I take the position that a weed is simply a plant growing in a place where I don't want it to.

Hence, I have currently many weeds in the form of grass, ferns, iris, geranium, phlox, blackberries, roses and a dogwood growing with a vengeance! :O

Oh and then there's bindweed - which no matter where it is is ALWAYS a weed!!! ;)

I'm just a)too busy or b) too lazy to do much about them right now.

Penny said...

don't even get me going on that dam bindweed, if there is one thing that is an absolute scourge, it is that.
It chokes everything, it twists itself so tightly around all other plants, it deforms them, it is truly horrid, that and japanese knotweed.

Magdelena said...


Pretty isn't it?

Some EVIL things are!!!!

Cue maniacal laughter....


Doug Plumb said...

I think the Bind Weed complements the flowers quite well.

I bet our immune systems would be much better if we didn't manage plants around our living areas.

I can see the Rockefellers, way back when, gathered in a room of the elites showing the group what everyones house will look like in 75 years. See the grass ? See the gardens ? See the driveways on the left side of everyones house ? We are going to make them put numbers on their houses too... Whoa Whoa Whoa Hoa Hoa Whoa...trying to make those creepy laughing noises that always come with haunted houses...

They won't be able to go into their backyards to shoot or pick something to eat - they will be working for us !

Maybe I'm too deep into all this..

Your photos are great though.

Magdelena said...

Ha ha ha Doug!!

Well - MY driveway is on the Right! Plus I tore up my front lawn years ago, much to the chagrin of some of my neighbours!! (some even tried to stop me with a petition to city hall - which of course I fought and won!!)

I have many flowers, yes, cuz I like em, but I also have my tomatoes, my beets, peas lettuce, many herbs, sask berries, blackberries, raspberries - all old varieties. I did however kill my plum tree this year - as it was being a weed.


Thanks, though - I will stick a few more up.

Oh, and the flower you see with the bindweed, is the bindweed's flower. It really is quite pretty - which is why it's so insidious. People who don't know, leave it - then whammo next year it's everywhere, killing everything.