Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Death Knell of CBC - R.I.P.

It has been a while coming, but has finally arrived. The state's broadcaster, CBC is finally dead. It may still have a website, it may still fill the airwaves with sound and fury, but for all journalistic intents it is a corpse, a rotting shell of its former self with no pulse, no heartbeat and devoid of a soul.

I have been watching this slow cancerous death occur for at least ten years now. At first, it was just a cough, a sniffle, a small shiver. One noticed a bias creeping in, colouring the headlines, shading the corners of reports, trimming the truth from the tree. As time went on, these biases became more blatent. Quality reporting of facts seemed to fall by the wayside, replaced with glam and sex, tabloid musings over celebrity, shock value stories and tramped up whores. While not surprised, as one wouldn't be if the lifelong chainsmoker developed lung cancer, it was still devasting to watch, like the proverbial train wreck one cannot take their eyes from.

The plug was finally pulled these last weeks with the introduction of the 'new and improved' web page. We now see the obvious censorship which has been going on for a while. At the very least before this changeover one could comment, and often find links to far better information within those comment sections. It was hopeful and pleasing to see that not all Canadians were fooled by the outright propoganda often filling the articles, some by CBC some by AP, you know the spiel. That is now officially over. There is no freedom of press in what was once a national institution, respected globally for being fair, honest and above board. No longer does the CBC even try to present an even handed persona. No, they have at the least, given that pretext up. I guess one could say they have become far more transparent, the truth out there for all to see, for all to gaze upon, like the exploited hookers in the shop windows in Amsterdam, or a stinking fish washed up on the shores of the Gulf Coast.

From the continuous selling of the Global Warming Lie, the double handed approach to all things Israel, the clear and utter censorship of their supposedly public forums and the added porn and glitz it is now impossible to tell our state media producer from any other hired presstitute.