Monday, June 22, 2009

The Risks of Genetically Modified Foods

Seeds of Deception


Doug Plumb said...

Codex is creeping up on us. No one is taking notice because of "wars and the rumours of war"

GM foods are only a part of the NAZI-Rockefeller plan for a synthetic world for us slaves.

Maggie, have you had a look at ? What do you think of Laibow & Stubblebine ? Some people say they are a CIA op. I doubt it myself but I want to know what others think as I am not sure about this.

Penny said...

oh yeah, I can't watch this over time, thanks maggie!


I have had a post idea for some time now, about this and monsanto and terminator technology, but then I got hung up on other stuff.

I have not heard of this org, so shall check them out also.

Magdelena said...

Hey guys,

He is a better speaker than Laibow for sure Doug. Something about here bugs me, I find her rather condescending.

I agree with Mr. Smith in that we, as consumers, ultimately can change things with our wallets.

Sadly that depends on people educating themselves, since our media sure as heck ain't going to do it.

Penny, I think you'll like him as a speaker.

I too have started a few rants against Monsanto, but they seem to depressing and frustrating to finish. I'm trying to keep my blood pressure down these days!


Doug Plumb said...

Get your blood pressure down by learning about Lex Maggie. There is reason to smile too. You can put it all together and rise above it.

Lex Mercantoria gives you that next level of knowledge and tools, especially as a homeowner and/or mortgage holder. Email me, I will show you some things to smile about.