Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bulldozers, Nutbars and Home Demolitions

Well, it seems that another nutbar decided to use a bulldozer and demolish property and injure innocent people in East Jerusalem - and all just when Obamarama was visiting too! It's a good thing that this kook was blown away. Was he a 'terrorist', maybe in so far as anyone who loses it in public is (you know like postal workers and such, who flip out for whatever deluded reason).

Yet, however tragic and morally deficient this act was, the bulldozer itself knows no bigottry, for it is simply a tool. And a nasty one sometimes at that. Since the call 'take every hilltop' was issued over 18,000 Palestinian's homes, olive groves and property, have been destroyed by these machines - all with someone driving it. On occassion, also crushing and killing those inside. Here is another view on what these Cats do - on a much larger scale as far as property destruction and lives destroyed can be measured. Below, a short excerpt but sadly not unique:

With the destruction comes death. In July, a 75 year-old man in a wheelchair, Ibrahim Halfalla, was crushed to death under the rubble of his Khan Yunis home by an army bulldozer because he did not get out in time."

Of course, everyone has already heard about Rachel Corrie and that is probably because she was an American. Ibrahim didn't make the front page of almost all Western media, did he? Again, the media shows its dreadful double standard.

So, while tragic for the innocent Israelis affected by the crazed nutbars in these two incidents in Jerusalem, the destructive capabilities of the Bulldozer is very well known to Native Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. We need only look to see, listen to hear, about how often these devices are used to 'terrorize' - yes I will use that term - the OT inhabitants. A quick look over at
Israeli Commitee Against House Demolitions will set one on a journey that many won't really want to believe - and one that is rarely, if ever, written or spoken of in our Canadian or American corporate media - shame on them! Thus allowing events like the Nutbar Bulldozer Hijacker in Jerusalem to be shown completely out of context - as is often the case with reporting on the Israeli/Palestinian issue.


Penny said...

I think you have found your niche?

Magdelena said...

dunno if it's my 'niche', but it is certainly something that irks me - the double standard that is.

I don't want to be a one trick pony here though - hence I will attempt some diversification with my next posts! ;)

Cheers Pen.