Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Alex Jones on Piers Morgan.. Is Any More Proof Needed?

I stopped listening to Alex many years ago, to be frank I never really like his 'style'.  I will acknowledge, like anyone else, that he made some good points and did wake many folks up - but and this is a big BUT - there was always something there which made me roll my eyes, or even sometimes squint! In other words some things didn't make sense or add up. Coupled with his 'style' it certainly made me wonder about his entire credibility and for myself he became relegated to the 'take a teaspoon of salt' category. Now, don't get me wrong, sometimes Alex does get it right - but that is the point.

This latest loss of composure illustrated on Piers Morgan further indicates to me anyway, that Alex is the establishments best friend forever.

Don't get me wrong, I am actually quite pro self defence, I don't have a problem with same folks owning guns to protect what is theirs. I think the 2nd Amendment is a fundemental for any soveriegn state to maintain its democracy from within, not just wthout.

What Jones did on CNN for the whole nation to see was a tragedy. I could hardly watch it to the end. It left me speechless. All I could think was what an idiot! He played into their hands, gave them exactly what they want on every level. He brought up good points, yet every one of them was negated by his juvenille performance. He should be ashamed. He has made it much more difficult for those of reason to begin a debate about gun control.  Couple that with this ridiculours rant on 911, well played by Morgan, and now the mainstream media can discredit anyone within the truth movement.

Thanks alot Alex, or is that what you really do?

Already this tirade has made international news, The Telegraph lists some of the 'crazy' things Alex spoke of, including the 'suicide' pills, like prozac. So, now anyone who brings this topic up in dicussion can be easily dismissed in the mainstream by citing the 'kook' Alex Jones.

He has poisoned the well, but was that not the point. If Alex were truly a disinfo agent this should be expected.

I hear is is also banning people from his own boards who have pointed out that his meltdown. Alex did more to hurt the image of those who question government narratives than what the authorities could ever dream of.


Penny said...

Yah, I was not a fan of this
Watched it on line for about 7 minutes and that was all I could stand

Magdelena said...

I am clearly masochistic as I did watch the entire exchange.


Doug Plumb said...

Jones just expresses the rightious indignation many more should be expressing even though it is looked down upon in our progressive mentality. Maintain order and civility at all costs.

I think he over did it as well, but I think Piers Morgan should be sent back to the land from which he came (along with all our attorneys of course)

I think Jones is very much on our side, but not everyones style. He has calmed down on his show quite a bit.

PS I could only stand a few minutes of it as well. Jones really f*cked up but not purposely IMO.