Saturday, January 19, 2013

Just a little comedic reminder - Reality Check with Carlin

Just a reminder about illusions and 'magic' in more ways than one.

Here's another:


Penny said...

Hey Maggie

It is interesting to realize that the way politicians present themselves or represent their actions is really, much ado about nothing!
Yet, the masses assume it is actually about something, or that it actually represents a thing
when the only thing it really represents is no thing
Or nothing

Magdelena said...

I keep thinking about the 'magic and spelling'. It's clear as day, like one of those 3-D pics that once you get the hang of it you see it all the time.

Even with Carlin, I gotta say his "people are fucked' mantra sure ties in well with the Maurice Strong vision of humanity as the enemy. Of course many folks don't do alot to negate this.