Monday, January 14, 2013

Autism and Vaccines - Carolyn Maloney grills CDC

In the excerpt above Rep. Carolyn Maloney grills the CDC representative on the link between vaccine schedules and the exponential rise of Autism Spectrum Disorder throughout the US and other developed nations.

I put this up because CBC has a blurby little article up about a poor child in BC who cannot get help for his autism due to extremely long wait times (oh gee isn't out hellth system grand?).

What bothered me was CBC stating that the cause of Autism is NOT known, but may be genetic.



While I agree that genetics may play a role in the reaction of some children to the agressive vaccination schedules, especially in the US, I doubt it is the true cause. 

Also, while a single vaccination may not push these individuals over the edge, what about nine or ten at a time, every few months? How is loading all the toxins into such a small body NOT harmful? Are these schedules part of the problem? I think they are. I would also wager that other environmental factors are contributing to this rise of autism - the food we eat and feed our children can also be part of the problem, so many stressors on such a small body, whose immune system hasn't even been established yet. Not to mention the mother's health throughout her pregnancy, what she consumes, is she on drugs herself? There are many factors to take into consideration.

To give blanket statements that vaccines are not to blame at all is misleading at best, criminal at worst. But therein lies the problem doesn't it? What will happen if it is established without a shadow of a doubt that the amount and frequency of these vaccination schedules IS the underlying cause for the skyrocketing rates of ASD? What then? Who will be held accountable?

Well, in this world of BigPharma and government collusion, it won't be them.

This is all truly tragic and my heart goes out to anyone who is having to cope and live with a child so harmed by this profit driven madness we call health care. 


Doug Plumb said...

Alex Jones says the exact same thing as this woman. Children are fine, they get the vaccines and they can been seen to undergo a big change that same day. He has said this so many times..

I really don't think he is one of them. I just think he over-reacts sometimes.

Doug Plumb said...

I had commented earlier but not signed in.

There is a really good interview with Jones and Joseph Wallach about nutrition and its relationship to everything.

I've listened to lots of stuff on nutrition but Wallach makes a lot of sense in a short time period. I have had a private conversation with a vet who echoed the same viewpoint.

Wallach endorses Tangy Tangerine along with its associated line but claims not to make money from it.

Another proponent of the same view is Ben Fuchs, who also endorses this line of products.

The culprit is lack of wide spectrum minerals in many diseases according to Fuchs, Wallach and the vet I spoke to. I take kelp in powdered for every day and its cheap so I have not yet tried Tangy Tangerine.

Wallach says good nutrition can reverse autism. Another doc I heard says picking up the kid, showing them physical affection can do wonders as well.

Magdelena said...

Hey Doug! Glad you are alive and well!

Alex aside, yes the correlation seems to certainly be there. Keeping in mind that correlation doesn't translate automatically to causation, it should still raise flags. Some individuals may be more suseptable than others, and IMO a little tiny baby just doesn't have the physical strength or immune response to deal with so many toxins at one time.

It's sad, but there are some court cases which have occured and been won wrt vaccine harm. Let's hope that the one going on right now will turn the tables.

I think this is part of the reason the establishment is so terrified of a documented link - the lawsuits would be a flood, and may be enough to kill some companies. Which of course would be a good thing.

Doug Plumb said...

On, 01-14-13 hour 1 talks about aspertame and a link between aspertame and autism is discussed along with general aspects of aspertame.

BTW Happy New Year.

Penny said...

Have you read the wheat belly book maggie?

Besides the vaccines and other neurotoxins such as the artificial sweetener and an abundance of plain sugar
Wheat seems to have some very negative brain effects

Magdelena said...

Hi Penny, No I haven't read the book itself yet but have listened to the writers and read of their hypothesis, which I do think has merit. On of the interesting things I found was the opiate receptor activation, and how it can effect recovering addicts. In another lecture I recall the gentleman mentioning that recovering addicts were 80% likely to fail when their diet post withdrawl was loaded with white flour based products. Interesting, to say the least.

I don't eat alot of bread myself, my weakness is of course PASTA!!! For bread we've been getting organic spelt and rye, tastier to be sure! But PASTA, I cannot and will not give it up - call it a vice but I love my pasta, pry it from my cold dead hands!!!


Doug Plumb said...

See this link for lots of reference stuff on vaccines and autism as well as quotes from R. Kennedy Jr. on the topic.