Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Is Chief Spence the FN's Alex Jones?

We've had disussions around here after watching the jaw-dropping performance of Alex Jones on CNN's Piers Morgan show. It was truly devastating and exactly what those in power want.  It succeeded in making anyone who questions government narrative on guns, ssris, or 911 be considered as whacky as Jones. It is being broadcast all over the world - it is damning beyond belief. Now anytime these subjects are brought up the media can relate those views to those of Jones' ilk. It really was awful.

That said, I was reading about Chief Theresa Spence's hunger strike and the Idle No More movement and a recurring thought crossed my mind. Ms. Spence is the First Nation's and INM's Alex Jones. By her actions she has done more to divide and polarise all Canadians, including her own. She has completely taken the spotlight off of the real issue - the bill itself and what it means. It is not, as most omnibus bills aren't, good for Canadians - all of us. Yet, no talk about the bill - just all about Spence!

In a way, she is the best gift that Harper could have dreamed of!

Instead of the issues of the bill being broadcast and unvieled for all Canadians to unite against, a unifying process if you will, we now have division politics at its best.

If the rest of the First Nations representatives want to gain any respect back in the eyes of all Canadians, their own included, they will muzzle this woman and send her packing. 

Perhaps then we can all talk about what we all lost in this dreadful bill.


Penny said...

Hey Maggie

Glad you posted this. I have been wondering, all of a sudden, the whole native issue is coming to light.

Native issues have been ongoing for years now.

All of a sudden they are getting mass media attention? Why?

Even locally, much ado about a native hunt. Sun Media pays overtime to a reporter to go out and cover about 5 to 7 protestors against the native hunt.

Really? Does that make sense to you?

I smell distraction and divide to conquer.

Magdelena said...

Hi Pen,

Yeah this whole thing seems so orchestrated. We all need to ask whose agenda this sort of behaviour benefits?

I think opposition to omnibus bill C-45 could have united Canadians one and all - and we can't have that can we?

Better to divide, and divide again which is exactly what all this BS with Spence has done.

Hunger strike - puhleease! More like liquid diet (which she could certainly use).

Doug Plumb said...

The cheif receives an income from the Federal Government to REPRESENT her tribe.

Big difference between her and Alex Jones.

Her tribe is REPRESENTED as a debtor for the non existent (no promise no substantial value) national debt, although they do not pay into it they are still considered debtors.

Debtors have no rights.