Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hi all, it's been a while since I've put fingertips to keyboard, so please bear with me and my rusty old hands.

A very strange thing happened today. I brought up What Really Happened as I usually do to skim and read Michael's site. There was a red lettered warning that Michael's facebook page had been taken down, below was a set of photos which Mr. Rivero was suppose to identify in order to access his account. Of course, Michael doesn't know who the person is.

I do.

It's my boyfriend.

I was like, "wow" that looks like... OMG... it is him!!!

Holy Crap!

So, what to do? I will say I was freaked out, but that would be an understatement!!

I decided to call RBN to try to get a message to Michael, to let him know I knew who it was in the pics. Michael called me back and I let him know. It seems that facebook is closing accounts left, right and center! (My boyfriends account has also been closed).

It seems that something big is in the pipes - this is afterall the same MO which was employed during the days leading up to 911. The closing of sites which would voice a different opinion on what the narrative should be.

It is happening now, like a snowball.

All political postings are being targeted.

Something is going to happen.

Please pass this on.

Please delete your facebook(CIA) accounts.

Please let others know that WE are all being silenced!!

Thank you Penny for reposting this for me. I don't get alot of traffic here anymore, since I don't often post. Family matters take up too much of my time these days, but this might be the push I needed to get active again.


Just thought I'd add this wonderful satire from the Onion:

If the player won't work here is the linkie


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