Monday, February 4, 2013

RCMP spying on Occupy Ottawa! Imagine my surprise !

Was just reading the news on CBC. Yeah I torture myself, but hey I am paying or it so I may as well monitor where my money is going. They have a badly written little blurb up about how the RCMP spied on the Ottawa Occupy movement, complete with its usual spin and link to drug addicts. I decided to comment, again I clearly am masochistic, and of course my opinion is not worth putting up according to the moderators at ICUC, the private moderation company which we are also paying for to censor the opinions of CBC posters! But I digress...

Here is my post:

This is SOP for governments the world over and it is nothing new.

The above documentary highlights the career of Mark Kennedy, who went undercover to infliltrate the eco movements in the UK and Europe.

What is probably the scariest thing about this is when the moles themselves co-opt the movement and further radicalise the membership in order to create a 'divide and conquer' scenario. We have seen this play out over and over again, especially with movements which bridge politcal and socio-economic divides. Can't have people agreeing can we? They might actually see who is REALLY responsible for the misery in their lives, better to divert attention.

Smoke and Mirrors.

It clearly does not violate any posting guidelines and is on topic, but hey the CBC is big on censorship of ideas lately, and it only is getting worse. Heck it's worse now than even six months ago. Don't bother calling the Ombudsman either, the guy is clearly a gatekeeper and disinfo stooge.

I highly recommend the above film, Confessions of an Undercover Cop

Keep this in mind the next time you see any demonstration or protest.


Penny said...

You are a masochist ;)

Your comment was good, short and to the point, relevant and none of that matters to the media whores..

I have given up on the CBC and CTV and all the other useless media outlets that supply the perception management to the masses

I can't get a comment through on either site and CBC appears to have blocked my account entirely

Will check out the link

Magdelena said...

In a way I do it just to see if they will post it, I'd say 9/10 times they won't post my comments, none of which are rude or anything and are always on topic. It's truly awful.

I think you will really like this little documentary, it is indicative of how a mind controlled mole is 'created, sustained and ulitmately destroyed'. I still garner no sympathy for this individual, he knew what he was doing was morally wrong, yet he did it anyway.

Doug Plumb said...

We had a cop infiltrate Toronto 9/11 truth. I can't say for sure because he never admitted it but when I called him on it the first time he bought me a $4.00 book (Machiavelli) to smooth things over.

The second time I brought it up we became enemies, I was kicked out of the group.


When Toronto 9/11 Truth stopped passing out free DVD's which was its main mission it ceased to be effective anyways so I walked away. A few people like Dan Dicks and his buddy Steve started Press For Truth, other people did other useful things.

Really I think the passing out of DVD's was highly effective and the group was destroyed because of this. Since we paid for the DVD's and couldn't get outside financial help our DVD distribution declined anyways right around the same time.

Doug Plumb said...

"he knew what he was doing was morally wrong, yet he did it anyway."

How Kantian of you 8-).

I was thinking today after having an argument with a Roman Catholic. I believe only one absolute exists - the law (which the legal system runs contrary) or for some, authority. It cannot be both. Unfortunately for cops and soldiers and Roman Catholics, its authority that is absolute.

Anonymous said...
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