Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mention of Geo-Engineering in the Globe and Mail

The Radical Science of Geo-Engineering: Maybe it's Not so Crazy


his week's session was different, however. Hosted by the UN-chartered Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the meeting marked the first time the Nobel Prize-winning organization has turned its scholarly attention to a set of ideas many critics dismiss as fanciful, and possibly destructive.

At least someone in the mainstream is actually mentioning this topic, usually confined to alternative sites as well as massive disinfo campaigns. Does anyone believe that they haven't already tried out some of these methods? Good grief, just look up in the sky some days and you can see what are clearly not contrails all over the place, none of which are following any designated flight paths and trails which spread out 'whitening' the sky.

Given the illustrious history of the IPCC, would you trust them with the climate of the world? Just another method to launch war and destabilise countries and make a buck while doing it.

These control freaks need to be stopped.

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Penny said...

Ah, Maggie
Your back
and geo engineering
from the puke and mope site
I have a piece from someone else that I have been wanting to get to but haven't had a chance
too busy counting down to ww3
And yes, we got to stop giving the psychos the power