Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Well here I am again...

Not sure how much I will post - but wanted a place to put some things and thought I might as well ressurect my dead, well almost, blog.

I am astounded at how sloppy this has all gotten since the last time that I was actively blogging. Not much has changed - still so many lies and manipulations whereever one looks!

Just gonna toss out a few links here and get to know this new look of my blogger account!

ISIS America's New Terror Brand

This above article mentions Murdoch's VICE phenomena, which I do see alot of people falling for hook, line and sinker. I wish they wouldn't as it is sheer unadulterated propaganda, albeit well done, there is an agenda there and it doesn't have alot to do with 'truth'. If you watch you can see it, quite clearly.

The reason we are now hearing of ISIS, in my humble opinion, is because the "Al Queda" brand is utterly failing. People are tired of hearing about it, and know that we have supported these thugs for decades upon decades. Time for a relaunch - time for ISIS!! Even named after an old diety! That'll let people remember it better and more punch. Green screens and beheadings are the order of the day - often 'verifed' by our dear old Rita Katz of SITE. ISIS is the new Emmanuel Goldstein of our post Lybia times.

I guess it's nice I can take a three year break from all this and come back and see that nothing has changed - just become even more ridiculous!


Penny said...

Hey Maggie

Indeed, everything has become much more ridiculous
And over the top, from cartoonish beheadings

And did you see S Sotloff's family are challenging ISIS leader to a debate?

"The family of Steven Sotloff, the second American journalist beheaded by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militants, said on Wednesday he was “a gentle soul,” and challenged the group's leader to a debate on the peaceful teachings of the Muslim holy book, the Quran"

Because that's is what distraught families do? Right?

Brand AQ was falling in saleability so a rebrand ISIS was in order.

How anyone could believe any of this nonsense is absolutely beyond me!

Magdelena said...

Shoot no I didn't see that - I found the Foley mother's talk which was broadcast on CBC to be rather odd too.

It is mind boggling that anyone actually believes any of this shit.

But heck if all one listens to is the msm... well it's no wonder.

Doug Plumb said...

Hi Maggie,

I wrote a book at