Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Some good news for a change

Supermarkets in Germany Force Poultry Industry to Ditch GMO Feed

The ZDG repoted, "The German poultry industry has made great efforts to offer poultry meat from animals raised on GMO-free feeds. Chicken and turkey production cannot be undertaken in Germany without use of genetic technology. Specialized factories for the production of poultry feed require a continuous supply of uncontaminated GMO-free soybeans, but supplies can no longer be guaranteed in the required volumes."

However, German supermarkets retracted this statement after consulting with Brazilian authorities on soybean crops, noting that there was enough GMO-free feed to supply the whole of Europe: "The wool has been pulled over the eyes of retailers across Europe by the GMO industry over the past year. We welcome news that they have started to fight back in the interest of their customers, who do not want to buy GM-fed eggs and meat," Henry Rowlands, coordinator of the Global GMO Free coalition, said of the revelation.

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