Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Israel, I weep for thee

Oh Israel, my head shakes and my heart aches for you. It really does. The dreams you held so dear have turned into nightmares for those around you, all the time seducing you deeper into the pits of Hell. You have become what you hated, what you ran from, what you wanted to escape from. You have taken the sympathy of the world and squeezed it for all it's worth, you have whored yourself to the alter of the Wargods and lost your soul in the process. You have exploited your own to serve a vile end. You have nailed yourself shut in your own self made coffins, not listening to the voice screaming in you ears to stop, think, respond in a manner akin to humanity. Woe be you.

The line has been crossed again, as you shoot fish in a barrel of you own making, desperately trying to justify your genocidal actions. Still crying for sympathy to the world who is seeing you for the ghoul you really are. Still you cling, craven and vile to the mistaken belief you are right, righteous and pure in your motives. You stir the pot, all the while poisoning your own wells. Your own actions will lead to your end.

And what of the Jews of the Diaspora? How will your actions reverberate on them? Will it be as it has been, time and time before? Will those who awaken to the crimes of Israel be able to distinguish between the honest Jew and the Warmongering Whore who calls herself Israel? Your actions endanger all Jews, by your tying of Judaism to the State of Israel you diminish the voices of peace amongst her sheep. You paint all with one brush, and will scream when all are percieved to the the same. You are the worst enemy of the Jews yourself, as you sow division and lies throughout the lands, never considering that it is your own actions which justify the lies of the classic anti-semite. You breed hatred, you foster ill will and you will be the author of your own demise.

The sympathy well is empty. You have gone too far. You have taken whatever was good in you and sold it for blood - the blood of Gaza, the blood of your own. Only when your people rise up and call an end to the massacres, and end to the Hell which you govern will any understanding for you return, if it does, if it can. For now, your moral closet stands empty, devoid of any empathy, devoid of rememberance of what was done to you, and how you now to this to others.

Israel, I weep for thee.


nobody said...

Onya Buff, I do like it when you really write.

Mind you, I thought you conceded too much. I'm not criticizing you, you understand. But even the nicest Jews are still paragons of us-and-them, still self-obsessed, still at the anti-Buddha end of the continuum.

The devil is in the details. But the details are so much easier if the big picture is addressed. The big picture, for mine, is the us-and-them mindset. Attack that and all the other resultant wickedness would have a tendency to fall into place. Don't attack it and devilish details fo one variety or another will be inevitable. That's what I reckon anyway. Ciao Ciao.

Magdelena said...

Thank you.

It rolled off my fingers and I hit publish. Often I will start a piece, but not finish it - I have whack of unfinished pieces sitting there... gathering cyber dust.

You may be right that I did concede a bit too much, but I kept thinking of Norman, of Halper, Avnery, Amira, Gideon and many others who DO not use the us and them mindset, who are brave and honest souls. Or are they just self-loathers?

My sis told me of a woman who turned in her Israeli passport and gave up her citizenship in Aus. she said some folk had birds over it. She and her hubby, simply looked at one another and siad: hmmmm self-loather.

Funny anecdotes aside, I do think Israel has lost it this time. Oddly, I can't get to Haaretz this morning.

Makes me wonder.

nobody said...

Hmm... thoughts occur to me. I wonder if I'll make anything of it? Maybe. Otherwise, I know what you mean re starting and not finishing. Maybe half of what I write makes it to the blog. Still I hang on to the unfinished pieces and occasionally make something of them. So it's all good really. Ciao Ciao. Off to read your latest.

Penny said...

hey maggie: I have read it all, and it truly is a great piece.

I like the angle you chose to take, how the Israelis are really the masters of their own demise.
How they have become that which they despised and which they feared they are now.

But do they realize it?

Magdelena said...

Some do Penny, some do.

I'm glad you read it - I've been kinda stifled lately and this one was a good one, so thanks.