Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Israel's Genocidal Provocations

I've been pondering just what Israel could be thinking, as it pounds the life out of the people in Gaza. Could this disgusting act be a provocation to ignite the Arab and Muslim world to call for retaliation against her? In many ways, this might be what Israel wants.

Consider this: No matter how Israel and her apologists try to frame this latest operation it is still a PR nightmare. However, one thing it does do is inflame the already negative attitudes held by most of the Arab and Muslim world with respect to Israel herself, thus Israel is setting herself up again as the perpetual victim.

Already we are seeing signs of this, with the typical Israeli response of "Everyone hates us and they're all anti-semites!" Consider that they have been hitting the war drums for an attack against Iran, but the US has shyed away from a full out support of such action. Even the EU isn't hot and bothered enough to agree with Israeli demands that we all get together and nuke Persia. What to do?

Here's the scenario: Bomb the crap out of Gaza, kill as many people and destroy as much infrastucture as possible and when the rest of the world reacts, blame Iran and start the big fight.

This is not as far-fetched as it may seem, right now the leading article in Canada's Globe and Mail world section, shows a 'hard-line' Iranian claiming they will start suicide bombings against Israel. Again the msm lurches forward carrying out the plans of her master. Notice too that throughout all of this NO comments have been allowed at the G&M - typical of their oh-so-biased editorial staff.

We've been down this road before, the lies which led the Americans and thier cohorts into destroying and occupying Iraq, the excuses given for the invasion of Afghanistan, the list is really endless: Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Central and South America, Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea ad infinitum.

This latest atrocity - Gaza - has all the hallmarks of provacation. They want someone to say enough is enough, perhaps Hezbolla, for that will give them the excuse to let loose on anyone they perceive as their enemies (read: the REST of the PLANET). And Israel DOES have nukes!

Let us NOT be fooled again, let us not be complacent. Get off your couch, write your representatives, phone them, hound them and spread the word: We won't be fooled again into fighting Israel's wars.

Enough is enough.


Doug Plumb said...

You should have seen the size of the protest yesterday against Israeli aggression. I stood midway between College and Dundas Square - all I could see was endless people from (a filled) Dundas square to north past College.

It was too late to make an estimate of the number of people, I could no longer see many. It was cold outside and I suspect many people went home rather than to the Israeli consulate as we walked to the consulate.

The crowd shut down Bloor at the Israeli consulate - there must have been 1000 - 2000 people (guestimate), much fewer than at Dundas square. I imagine many were at the US consulate.

Next time I will make a meaningful numerical estimate of the crowd size, this idea occured to me after it was too late this time. There will be a next time soon I hope.

I can get pics if anyone wants.

Magdelena said...

Good for you for going Doug! Of course there are NO pics in our msm, and of course they underestimate the size of the protest.

Did you see any obvious agent provocatuers?

Please do share you pics!! I'd love to see them.