Sunday, December 28, 2008

Updates on Gaza

Since my initial post Saturday, the death toll has now risen to over 300, with the wounded numbering over 800. That is well over 1000 people killed or maimed. Add to this the family members of the deceased and wounded and this latest assault effects thousands.

Israel says she must now launch an aggressive 'PR' campaign, once again portraying herself as the perpetual victim, always in the 'right' to 'defending' herself from the horrors of the 'Arab terrorists'. Well, it is certainly clear which lands on this planet think for themselves and who just follows the Israeli Dog: The US of course, blames Hamas and supports the brave Israeli response to the rocket fire which has perhaps killed only one Israeli, Australia too threw her support behind the Israeli's 'measured response' to the 'terror of the rockets'. Canada, as far as I can tell has said nothing, but of course will tow the line - especially under our dear leader Harper, who assisted in this mess by cutting off all foreign aid to the Gaza strip back in 2006, thus helping to turn this slip of land into the largest concentration camp in the world.

Shame, shame and more shame.

Everyone seems to start off mentioning that Hamas has been firing rockets at the nearby Israeli villages. Strangley, many of these rockets, I'll wager a good 98% of them, never hit anything. With all things being equal one should expect that at least 50% of these things should hit a target. Oddly - they don't. I'll let you all in on a personal secret: I cannot throw a snowball for the life of me (or any ball for that matter, really!) However, even on my worst day I will usually be able to get on or very close to my target about four times out of ten. Which, to me begs a few questions: Are the 'jihadists' who are presumably firing these things really such bad shooters? Since the firing of these rockets is what has enabled Israel to launch this 'offensive' how does it actually benefit Hamas or the people of Gaza? Who really benefits from these qassams? In short, it is Israel who benefits most, and keeping in mind the motto of Mossad: By way of Deception we shall make war, then who is really firing these things? Something to ponder for sure, especially since Hamas itself had stopped all rocket fire during the ceasefire - which was violated first by Israel back in November. Not unlike the constant violations by Israel of another 'ceasefire' which she had agreed to with Lebanon's Hezbolla.

It is not as if Israel had no other choices either. She could have lifted the year and a half siege on Gaza, allowed her to trade, to maintain her economy, allowed her people to move freely - but no that is not in Israel's interest is it? How could Israel ever survive without being in a state of constant war and oppression of others? How could Israel justify the massive amounts of US aid yearly if she doesn't have anyone 'attacking' her? More questions which beg answers, cynical for certain yet nevertheless poignent to the issue. Better get on with the show then!


the Silverfish said...

The vileness of that SLC. I no longer have words

Magdelena said...

What sickens me more is the bias of our media, esp here in Kanuckistan and United Snakes of Amnesia.

Check this kettle of lies out:
Questions and answers about the Gaza conflict

Good I haven't eaten breakfast yet - or else I'd hurl.