Friday, December 12, 2008

It's Official: RCMP gets away with murder!

I must say that I wasn't surprised. I shook my head, in sadness and dismay, yet I had expected this.

Mounties will not be charged in B.C. taser death

It seems they just didn't have enough evidence. I do wonder, what would have constituted evidence?? Perhaps a video? No, we had that (even though it took a bit for the RCMP to release it!). Witnesses perhaps? No, we had those too - all quite shocked.

If the RCMP is at all concerned about it's dismal public image, then this decision by the courts has simply added fuel to the fire. I guess they don't really care what the public thinks of them, why should they? Given the movement towards a police state, both here and in the US (The UK is already there - fullforce!) is it any wonder that the police involved in this clear case of manslaughter get off Scott-free?

I'm too ticked off currently to write much more. It's just another stepping stone towards the loss of democracy and human rights in this rather pathetic land called Canada. This is not the land I was fooled into believing in as a child.

Very sad.


Doug Plumb said...

I saw the video of this. There can be no doubt about guilt. There are cases where police have shot and killed kids in the back and claimed self defense. They get away with it.

The legal system itself is equally corrupt. Judges and lawyers can do whatever they want, not to mention politicians.

Penny said...

well you know Robert Dziekanski was a "bad man".
So the rcmp did the right thing,
come on....

Eventually, they will taser or shoot us all, except for their manchurian candidates, who they will guard safely, and allow to complete the task.

Penny said...

interesting take on this story here

It's easier to blame Robert Dziekanski

Analyze the encounter any way you like. Push all the blame as far away from the RCMP as you can. Heap all the suspicions you want on Robert Dziekanski's stability and character.

The central fact remains: He did not have to die the way he did at Vancouver airport on Oct. 14, 2007.

That point gets glossed over in the long-awaited criminal justice branch report on the notorious Taser death that was video-recorded and shown around the world.

Except you can't call it a "Taser death" any more. The report concludes that the multiple tasering of the distraught, deranged man -- five times, much more than first thought -- had little to do with his death.

"The forensic pathologist concluded that Mr. Dziekanski's death was a result of 'Sudden Death Following Restraint.' He found no definite cause of death, which is typical of these types of incidents."

That wishy-washy label -- "Sudden Death Following Restraint" -- sounds like the name of the file into which officials slot cases where they have no idea what went wrong. Yet the one thing they seem sure of is that it wasn't the Taser that killed him........

Magdelena said...

'Sudden Death Following Restraint'

You know, that would be funny if it weren't so serious.

I think the problem is setting a legal precident by attributing the death to the use of the Taser TM. If courts both here in Canada and the US rule that the victim died as a direct result of the stungun it wouldn't bode well for the company if their relatives/dependants take the manufacturer and the perpetrator (in this case the police) to court for wrongful death.

So, score one for the Police State, coming soon to a borough near you.