Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Holidays: From Israel to Gaza

I think we all knew this was coming. The hawks have been circling and calling out for an invasion for some time now.

It has begun. The Israeli Air force has unleashed her force on the weakened people of Gaza. There are over 150 dead, hundreds wounded - and no real end in sight.

The international community should bow their heads in shame. Shame, shame and more shame is on their shoulders - not just those of the Israeli administrations. The writing has been on the wall for some time now and none of them, NONE, have even tried to riegn the Israeli forces in.

The siege of Gaza weakened it's populace - now the attack will kill many more, more who are already starving, malnourished and terrified.

Read it and weep.

While the world focuses on the economic meltdown, the looming nightmare between Pakistan and India, Israel takes her advantage to kill as many Gazans as possible. So far, with nary a word from the rest of the 'West'.

All this brought to you from the 'Blight among Nations'.


nobody said...

Thanks for the update matey. I'm off to check it out completely. Ciao ciao.

the Silverfish said...

It never stops. The only thing wrong with Israel is that it's above sea level.

Penny said...

killing the people incrementally.
I was discussing this topic this am, we have been following the news..

Of course Israel will get away with this latest attrocity.
As they get away with their ethnic cleansing every time.
Because to criticize Israel is anti-semetic doncha know.

This world is crazy, and corrupt.

btw: get over to guns and butter there is a most excellent interview playing on "zionism"
some very interesting perspectives, of course, it is a man who is a "self-hating jew"
what a crock o shit that is!

Doug Plumb said...

Thanks for watching this and keeping us up to date Maggie. I'm depending on you for this much bad news out there.

Magdelena said...

hey guys,

This is going to end up being very bad for the Israelis as well, and I don't mean their politicians. There are many honourable Israelis who are seething right now due to this action by their elected officials - yet their voices are drowned and never given any sound in the NA media.

The backlash will be brutal.

Or is that the plan? It's quite clear that the elites of Israel have NO problem using their own as a sacrifice. Heck - Israel was born of the sacrifice.

Magdelena said...

Doug: If you can get to Norman's lecture at the UoT please do. He is truly refreshing and inspiring to listen to, as well he is very approachable for questions afterwards. I urge you to go and bring a friend or two.

(though with this genocide occuring it may be that Norman gets cancelled)