Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Israel to treat jaywalkers as murderers

Well, okay maybe not (though it's certainly debatable if you're Palestinian). Israel will however, treat the two boats of the Free Gaza Movement as 'pirates'.

As stated in the Telegraph UK:

"From my point of view this is some kind of pirate ship," said Shlomo Dror, a defence ministry spokesman.

"You can demonstrate, that's OK with us. But you are not allowed to break international law."

My, my, that certainly is rich! Coming from a country who violates international laws on a daily basis with the illegal apartheid wall, extrajudicial assassinations, and enforced collective punishment of those she occupies! Not to mention never adhering to any of the UN resolutions passed against her as well as violating the terms of both ceasefires she is currently a signatory to - in Lebanon via illegal overflights and in Gaza by incursions which defy the current 'ceasefire' with the Hamas government there.

It's important to keep in mind that currently all borders into and out of Gaza are closed, and while Gaza 'should' have control over 20 nautical miles of the waters of her coast - she truly has access to only three, even then the poor fishermen who attempt to earn a meager living are often fired upon by the Israeli navy, as B'tselem reported here in 2007:

B'Tselem's research indicates that, since the abduction of Cpl. Gilad Shalit, on 25 June 2006 , Israel has forbidden boats, including fishing boats, to sail off the Gaza coast. The prohibition has struck a severe blow to the fishing sector, which provides a livelihood for tens of thousands of residents of the Gaza Strip. Lacking other means of employment, and despite the Israeli navy's patrol of the coast and occasional shooting at Palestinian fishermen, some fishermen have risked their lives and violated the prohibition

All of this, and of course more, is the entire reason for the attempt by the Free Gaza Movement to break this mid-evil type siege on the residents of Gaza. We can only hope that cool heads prevail and the members and their two ships - USS Liberty and Free Gaza arrive unhindered by Israeli aggression forces.


Penny said...

"You can demonstrate, that's OK with us. But you are not allowed to break international law."

"But you are not allowed to break international law."

I don't think I have stopped laughing at that statement yet!

I've listened to so much hypocrisy and double standards as of late,just when you think you can't imagine any more of it, THERE IT IS!!!!

Magdelena said...

yeah, my eyes bugged out of my head when I read that - almost choked on my coffee!

nobody said...

Don't worry folks! I've solved Israel's dilemma.

Otherwise you should all stop being such spoilsports. Get on Israel's side! It's much more fun. Lie, cheat, steal (and murder!), and all blessed by God. It's fantastic.

Magdelena said...

Nobody - that was truly hilarious. Satire at its best for sure!! I'm still laughing!!

(Though why on earth did you go and give them such a great idea??)



Penny said...

I wondered that too Maggie, like maybe nobody is looking for a new line of work ;)

Manipulations, Machinations and coercions inc.
slogan: you'll come out smelling like a rose


nobody said...

Well, a secret plan is ever so slightly less than useful if it's first appearance consists of a public broadcast.

Imagine the horror if I've nailed it though...

Nah. It'll never happen.