Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bus Beheading: Was Li on or off his meds?

I know that Penny has been doing a bang up job on covering the utterly tragic Bus beheading incident, where Tim Mclean was ruthlessly murdered by Li.

What has really bugged me about this event, was the early mention of drugs then nothing since. It was revealed that Li had a history of mental illness. My question - Was Li on prescribed pharmaceuticals at the time of the murder? Or had he recently stoppped taking his meds? I ask this because it has been documented that withdrawl of SSRIs can result in suicidal/violent outbreaks and can often lead to bizarre and maccabre murders or murder suicides.

Just take a look at this database.

So, was the drug angle dropped because it a) Wasn't an 'illegal' drug which influenced Li? b) Could prove embarrassing to the makers of the 'pharmacuetical' medicine? c) both of the above.

My take: Li went off his meds and flipped out. The resulting shitstorm (if the public was aware) would spark outcry from the public about what kind of mind altering crap the 'hellth' authorities are allowing folks to be pumped up on. Hence - no more mention in the press about any kind of 'drug' influencing Li's behaviour.

Don't know about you, dear readers, but just skimming the above database certainly lends credence to the hypothesis that Li was messed up on legal drugs.


Penny said...

Who knows?

Is all I can say.

I think there are so many unanswered questions, in this whole mess.

Magdelena said...

You got that right.

Of course if it were that he was having an 'adverse' reaction to pharma meds - I can sure understand from the point of view of the drug cartel - why they wanted this line of inquiry to stop. It would open a pandora's box of the nasty consequences of some of these 'anti-depressants'.

Which IMO is long overdue.

s. said...

Hey magdelena,

I'm going to put a link up of your blog also - great posts, and thanks for commenting on mine :)

Magdelena said...

Hey s. ,

I put a link to yours here too. Nice little blog you have so far. Please do try to be better than me - I am Ms. Sporadic wrt posting.

Good 'un wrt the cops you did!