Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Update on the Free Gaza Movement

Please see this post on Norman's website!

Some great photos there and a wonderfully written piece!

An excerpt (but please do click on Norman's site!!)

Our arrival at Gaza was a scene of enormous jubilation and pandemonium. Thousands came to greet us, first in boats (and one fellow on a surfboard, see pix). The Gazans were ecstatic to see a demonstration that someone cares about their situation. I’m still processing our welcome, for it was overwhelming in many ways and senses. The pictures probably describe it better anyway. Press coverage of our arrival has been past saturation; at this morning’s press conference there were 20+ video cameras running (I understand that the only US network to cover our arrival was ABC, but I may be wrong. If that’s the case, thank the IOM.). We were mobbed on our own boats, and had a hard time docking because of that. Kids were swimming up to the boats and trying to climb on; fortunately, no one was hurt. We were taken in buses to a local hotel (the Al Deira for those who have been in Gaza) where we were put up for the night. A magnificent dinner followed, and we were again mobbed by the press and well-wishers. This morning we had breakfast, a strategy session, and then an enormous press conference. I met Mohammed Omer there, and he sent special greetings to Laura. Our hosts are arranging visits to hospitals, human rights organizations, and tomorrow is a trip to the Rafah border crossing into Egypt and to visit the site of Rachel Corrie’s death. In about a half an hour I’m attending a luncheon put on by Prime Minister Ismael Haniyeh, whom I met briefly in Mina, Saudi Arabia, almost two years ago during the Hajj. We have a busy schedule.


There is now talk of trying to establish a ferry route between Cyprus and Gaza. I sure hope this can be accomplished - allowing the people of this open air prison access to the world around them.

My heart goes out to all these brave individuals - showing how we humans can truly sometimes show our humanity to others.

Well done.

My complaint is that no mainstream media in either the US or Canada has really covered this amazing event.

Gee... I wonder why? Not.


Penny said...

Doesn't the mainstream media normally love these types of stories, the ones that give us the warm fuzzies?

Where humans reach out and help other humans, doing what good and right, to alleviate misery and sickness.

Oh, I guess not in this case!

Magdelena said...

Oh come on Pen, don't ya know by now that Palis aren't human????



nobody said...

Ha ha ha, does anyone really need any further proof as to who owns the media? The media decides if things actually 'happened' or not. I've been watching for the last couple of days and this event clearly didn't happen.

But never mind. I think now it's time for take two. This time with lots of boats, lots of people, and tons of medical equipment (balloons? Um okay, I guess the kids will groove on it). I think they should keep ramping it up until Israel kills some white people. Because that's what it's going to take. Sorry folks...

Magdelena said...

Hey nobody - it would certainly be great if they could organise more. Perhaps the Arab League can get off their asses and lend some monetary assistance to the group.

In any event - you are right about the western press.