Friday, August 1, 2008

Update on the Anthrax Scandal

Because a scandal is what it is.

Please see this blog: "American Everyman". As the blogger has done a really great job and compiling the odd changes that seem to have happened in the NYT article concerning the suicide of the FBI's former current suspect, Dr. Bruce Ivins.

Here's a quick excerpt, but please check out this posters own words:

They shortened the story to one page by taking out some KEY information that they had originally posted with the story. I knew I should have copy and pasted it! (If anyone still has the original, please let me know!)

What they took out was very interesting. They quoted a doctor, who worked with the guy who is now being accused of the anthrax attacks, as saying he didn’t think the guy did it. They took that part out! They also took out the part where this guy received the highest Pentagon award a civilian can get for his research into an anthrax vaccine to be given to our troops in 2003. They took that out!And they also took out the part where this guy was cited for testing areas outside the restricted area for anthrax spores. And he found them, in someones secretary’s desk and keyboard! Remember how this stuff was found on the mail from the drop box? It bleeds through the envelope. So, when he found it in someones secretary’s desk and then on her keyboard, that might be a good place to start looking for the culprit. But they took that part out!

Well, the plot thickens - again. As American Everyman also states - what was his motive? It makes no sense that he was 'testing' his vaccine - that is IMO pure spin. There is NO motive.

There is however a motive for Zack - to frame one of the original suspects, early on, Dr. Assaad - as mentioned in my post below. An Egyptian, an Arab - all in the run up to the invasions of two countries now devasted. In whose interest?

Hint: These wars are NOT just all about oil, but I digress.

Please do check the above blog for WAY more info!

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