Thursday, August 7, 2008

It's Official: FBI got their Man - Ivins Guilty

Well, isn't this nice! The FBI has formally announced that they 'got their man' and Ivins was the sole perpetrator behind the anthrax mailings, which killed five people and sickened 17.

I guess there is no more to be said! The package is wrapped, the bow tied neatly.

Or, is it? There are still many questions which remain unanswered. For instance, the benonite lie and the odd notes associated with the anthrax letters themselves.

As Glen Greenwald notes here:

UPDATE II: The Boston Globe's Washington Bureau Chief, Peter Canellos, today examines the way in which the anthrax attacks were used to increase the nation's fear of Islamic radicals generally and Iraq specifically, and he writes:

When the anthrax attacks occurred, Iraq was immediately fingered by some experts and many neoconservative hawks as a possible source; ABC News quoted three unnamed government sources as saying the powder in the letters matched the type produced in Iraq.

Even though most serious analysts were highly skeptical that the tainted letters came from Hussein, the mere possibility that Iraq could have maintained a stockpile of anthrax was enough to convince many people that it was a looming threat.

The Washington Post's Dan Froomkin notes that article and adds: "So who told ABC the powder looked Iraqi? Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald has been asking that question for days." How much longer will ABC News and Brian Ross be able to refuse to address these questions?

Well at least the blogs ARE asking the questions that the Mainstream seems to overlook.

Even the WaPo, who did at first sound some alarms, then 'scrubbed' it's own article:
Article Casting Doubt on 'Anthrax Killer' Scrubbed

Left out of the Saturday story was the fact that Ivins had NO access to 'dry' anthrax - only liquid. Hmmmm... then we see on Sunday that many of the questions from the Friday article return.

All this to and fro certainly leaves one scratching their heads.

Glaringly obvious is the attempt by mainstream media to cover up the doubts, cast them in a different light and continue to tow the party line: Ivins guilty - case closed.

How convenient.


Penny said...

Hey Maggie: truly if it wasn't for the blogs asking the real questions, I don't know who would be doing it?

But it certainly won't be the MSM.

Magdelena said...

No it won't.

And that says volumes...

nobody said...

The MSM is a key villain. None of this wickedness could be done if the MSM was for real. They're so crucial that events would be planned around how the media would portray them. The media would have a place at the table from day one of any planning of any event.

911 for instance, was primarily a media event. The footage was what really counted. The USAF, the FBI, etc, would have played a role in the same way that armourers and fire marshals, say, play a role in making a film.

Magdelena said...

nobody - I concur.

Just a little reading about Bernays and the 'manipulation' of the masses makes the complicity of the 'media' quite clear to see.

Your post on the protocols should give one pause for thought. I was struck myself at how these apparant forgeries have come true in so many ways. Maybe that's why we are all discouraged from reading them. All one has to do is subsitute 'banker' for 'jew' and it's all right there.

Anonymous said...

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