Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tangled Webs of Deceit

Some interesting points:

1. Originally the anthrax scare was linked to Saddam Hussien, with the erroneous claim that the anthrax itself had a bentonite component. This was widely reported by ABC News, specifically through the talking heads of Peter Jennings and Brian Ross. In the lead up to the war in Iraq one must ask: Who benefits from what is now known to have been completely false information? Who wanted the war on Iraq and what were they prepared to do to achieve it? A glance at the PNAC documents will lead you to quite a few of the beneficiaries, not only of the anthrax scare, but also all the lies perpetrated after 9/11.

In any crime, or sets of related crimes, one must look for the overall motive.

2. In 2002, a piece written in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs fills in a few more blank spots in the history of the mysterious Dr. Zack:

Before the investigation of Dr. Hatfill captured national headlines, another insider scientist had come under FBI scrutiny without much media fanfare. It was easy to miss the few stories published in January 2002 about Lt. Col. Philip Zack, who, like Hatfill, also had access to a well-equipped laboratory with lax security. Zack, moreover, actually worked with military-grade anthrax at Fort Detrick.

Dr. Zack left Fort Detrick in December 1991 amid allegations of unprofessional conduct. The Jewish scientist and others were accused of harassing their co-worker, Dr. Ayaad Assaad, until the Egyptian-born American scientist quit, according to an article in Connecticut’s The Hartford Courant, the country’s oldest newspaper in continuous publication. Dr. Assaad sued the Army, claiming discrimination after Zack’s badgering.

Although Dr. Zack was let go, he returned frequently to visit friends, and used the Fort Detrick laboratories for “off-the-books” work after hours. After reports of missing biological specimens—including anthrax, Ebola and the simian AIDs virus—came to light, as well as reports of unauthorized research, a review of surveillance camera tapes recorded Dr. Zack entering the lab late on the night of Jan. 23, 1992, according to The Hartford Courant report. He was let in that night by Marian Rippy, a lab pathologist and close friend of Zack’s, although she now says she has no memory of the evening. She did say that Zack occasionally visited and that other friends let him in.

Inexplicably, the national press ignored these documented unauthorized visits to a top-secret government lab embroiled in the anthrax attacks. Did journalists fear being labeled anti-Semitic for casting suspicions on a Jewish scientist?

Gee, do ya think?? Frankly, I couldn't care less whether he is Jewish or Martian - his activities are certainly suspect, enough that we simply must ask if, in fact, Zack did supply the weaponised anthrax strains for other elements to send? Also, why on earth would he have been allowed access in the first place, after he was no longer even working there? This is a government laboratory, working on various weaponisation processes of deadly bacterial and viral nature! It's not like he's a retired mechanic borrowing the hoist to change his muffler.

3. And What of Israel? It is interesting to note that she has also been working on an anthrax vaccine - as mentioned here in 2007 in the Sydney Morning Herald:

Giora Martinovich, a former chief medical officer in the military, told the radio that the experiments were carried out in the late 1990s in the face of fears of a possible anthrax attack by Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

Experiments were carried out on 700 soldiers on a strict volunteer basis and minor side-effects were recorded on four of the human guinea pigs.

Interesting enough, time frame fits. I have yet to uncover which strain the Israelis were using for their anthrax research. It is known however that the Ames strain was not the exclusive property of the Ft. Detrick Labs.

4. September 11th, Anthrax and the War on Iraq.

Again I'll ask: Who benefits from this?

In the ramp up to the illegal war in Iraq and further demonisation of all things Muslim, there were alot of voices calling for Saddam's destruction. Some of the loudest were emanating from Israel herself, as well as the Israel Firsters of the Neocon/PNAC brigades. This cannot be simply ignored, especially in light of other oddities surrounding the Sept. 11 timeframe.

Keep in mind, that there were Israelis found with explosives, maps to nuclear installations and other targets on the 11th and shortly thereafter. Nary a report, as these individuals were quietly rounded up and shipped back to Israel. In an interview on Israel television, the five Israelis found dancing and high-fiving each other in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks, admitted: "We were there to document the event". Hmmmmm... one kind of has to know the event is going to take place in order to be there to document it, no??

Let's fast forward to the present. Iraq is in shambles, devasted, looted and having lost over a million of her people. Torture abounds, perpetrated by the 'so-called' good guys. America's reputation, or claim to any kind of morality is in tatters. yet, there are those who want a replay - in Iran. The false reports - the outright lies are again being hoisted around and once again, with feeling, the Israelis and their representatives in the US are leading the call for outright conventional and/or nuclear attack on a soveriegn nation.

Does this sound familiar? It should.


Penny said...

holy smokes batman!

With me you are singing to the choir, the anthrax attacks were fishy from the get go.

Recall also at that time, the Repubs were trying to get the patriot act through and two prominent dems were not going along, Daschle and Leahy, who both, surprisingly,but not really, got anthrax in the mail

Magdelena said...

The news is out now that the FBI is most likely going to call 'case closed'.

How convenient - and what of Dr. Zack. I heard on Rivero that he is still working for various firms dealing with infectious diseases and their weaponisation.

Yet - nary a word about his activities - nada, zip, nothing.