Friday, August 8, 2008

War with Iran? Who is calling the shots?

It seems now that two more US warships are heading to the Persian Gulf:

U.S. Aircraft Carriers Head For The Gulf; Kuwait Prepares "Emergency War Plan"

At present, two U.S. naval battle groups operate in the Gulf: one is an aircraft carrier group, led by the USS Abraham Lincoln, which carries some 65-fighter aircraft. The other group, headed by the USS Peleliu, maintains a variety of planes and strike helicopters.

Not only that, but at the end of July accompanied by Israeli vessels, another un-named US Destroyer ventured through the Suez canal from the Mediterranean Sea.

None of this is good news, and the war cries from Israel and her US agencies is getting louder by the moment. Even Condi, the fence sitter, is giving the nod, by NOT saying NO to Israel's desire to attack Iran for a fictitious nuclear weapon program:

From:"Interview With Mike Allen of The Politico and Yahoo! News"

QUESTION: Now of course, the country that really worries about a nuclear Iran is Israel, and of course, their air force has even practiced a potential attack on Iran. Since we’re such a close ally of Israel, do you worry that if Israel were to act against Iran, that we would be blamed?

SECRETARY RICE: Well, we don’t say yes or no to Israeli military operations. Israel is a sovereign country. But we are in very close contact with the Israelis and we talk about the diplomatic track that we’re on. I think they believe that diplomacy – they’ve said that diplomacy can work here. And I know they’re doing their part to talk to all of the countries with which they have good relations to explain why it’s important to have a tough edge to our diplomacy. (emphasis mine)

Hmmm like China?
China can be key to stopping Iran

QUESTION: Well, Madame Secretary, you’re the diplomatic voice of the United States. Would you use this opportunity to tell Israel that they should not strike Iran?

SECRETARY RICE: As I’ve said, we’re on a diplomatic course and that’s the important thing.

Good grief, talk about NOT saying much of anything, or perhaps saying more than needed. It is clear that even IF Rice did implore Israel to not pre-emptively attack Iran that Israel, being the 'soveriegn' nation she is, won't listen anyway. Why should they?

Israel already knows that any threat which comes their way as a result of a pre-emptive military strike against Iran, they will have the US military and government's full support. Talk about the schoolyard bully having the entire teaching staff at their disposal - free to threaten, to intimidate and smear, free to do as they wish, whenever, however they like.

The lop-sided balance of US blind support for Israel has also now infected Canadian politics with the signing of the "oh so secret" security treaty with Israel. How much press and discussion did this have? None - nowhere - there was NO debate.

So, who is calling the shots for this desire to attack Iran? If we take Israel's voice out of the mix, who is left? Let's face it - Iran is not a strategic threat to the US. Then again, neither was Iraq. Yet the voices calling for the invasion and bombing of a soveriegn nation are the same.

Update to come later.


Anonymous said...

A nuke is not the sticks and stones used on the playground. One bomb could probably destroy all of Israel and can be packed in a backpack and set off anywhere in Tel Aviv. Israel, nor anyone else can preempt this kind of attack. The threat must be dealt with in Iran, and with a military strike if need be if diplomacy continues to fail.

Magdelena said...

But anonymous, they don't have a nuke.

Furthermore, there are far more threats directed AT Iran than threats coming the other direction - and the US and Israel actually DO have nukes.

Again - who is really wanting the war?

Penny said...

the threat is totally imaginary, like Saddams wmd's, figments of the Bush administrations mind, implanted in the minds of the masses as a threat.

It's like a rerun , for Iran.
A bad rerun, of a sitcom that should have never made an initial debut.