Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Toronto 18, Er... 11?? Penny - this is for YOU!

Guilty verdict stands in Toronto bomb-plot trial, judge rules

A youth found guilty of terrorism-related offences was not entrapped by a paid RCMP mole, and the verdict will stand, a judge in Brampton, Ont., ruled Tuesday.

The decision in the case of the first person to stand trial among the so-called Toronto 18 means a finding of guilt now becomes a conviction.

"My conclusion is that there has not been entrapment," Ontario Superior Court Justice John Sproat said in his 51-page decision. "There has not been an abuse of process."

The youth, who was 17 at the time of his offences and cannot be named, was found guilty in September of helping, and taking part in, a terror-related organization.

Sproat said at the time that evidence the terrorist group existed was "overwhelming."

I put this up for Penny, who is wrapped up in American Pie right now, but hopefully she can do something with it on her blog, a she has already compiled alot of info about this fake terror cell.

This is such a joke, it would be laughable if peoples lives were not concerned.

Crazy - carpets you say?



Penny said...

thanks maggie and I saw that news story.

Mubin Shaik practically testified he entrapped the kids at the camp.

This trial has become a kangaroo court.

I read, he is demanding more money for his starring role in this melodrama.

But he "didn't do it for the money"
NO siree, he did it for Canada.
My ass!

He is a millionaire now, taxpayers dollars, he did it for the money.

Magdelena said...

It's disgraceful!

How many times have you played 'How to save the World' around a campfire or snowed in up at the cottage? Sometimes people get some rather 'wild' ideas.

I sure hope that it doesn't come to an off the cuff comment of "hang the buggers" to warrent arrest and one's life ruined.

It's the biggest sham out there.

And Mubin is a complete slimeball, but of course he's hanging with birds of a feather - more slimeballs aka our government agents!

Taxpayer dollars indeed!


nobody said...

What this fellow should have done was declared that, he'd done it all because he was sickened by the entrapment practices of the RCMP, and subsequently what had occurred was a reverse entrapment, if you can dig it. He'd played along to entrap them to entrap him. And clearly by their actions they were guilty and he was right to have played along. And thus, rather than him being sent to jail, he should be commended, and charges should be laid against the RCMP. That makes sense doesn't it?

Well, that's how I'd have run my defence anyway...

Anonymous said...

Are you people utterly retarded? You just posted that the Judge said there was no entrapment and that a group existed. get over it - it was not the conspiracy you were hoping for.

Magdelena said...

Well, 'anonymous' technically, even if one laps up the 'official' version of events - it is still a conspiracy.

conspiracy: (noun)
# a secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act
# a plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act (especially a political plot)
# a group of conspirators banded together to achieve some harmful or illegal purpose

So, who is the utter retard now?

Was it entrapment? I think it was, when you consider that it was the agent provocatuer, Mubin who whipped these kids into a frenzy, supplied the ONE gun they had, and it was the RCMP themselves who gave them the bloody fertilizer.

So... yeah retarded... not so much.


Anonymous said...

i heard the gun belonged to one of the terrorizers - two of his buddies were arrested smuggling guns over the U.S. border. the sheik guy did not entrap them - why would I believe you over the judge - do you have access to the evidence? the guy did the country a favour for at least exposing guys who are talking and planning to kill innocent people - why make him out as the bad guy? I don't understand...are you muzlim?