Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not a Swammi, but I saw this coming...

We used to have a little TV station here, competing with CJOH (CTV) and CBC, they were bought out by 'A' channel. Leaving the stupid name aside, there was quite a turnover of staff at the time, and of the old folks who worked at CHRO few remained. This station served much of the Valley, and had a wonderful local, small town feel to it. I recall at the time thinking, how long will this last?

Well, seems they are now scaling back and will no longer offer 'evening news'.

'A' channel cuts jobs, drops local newscasts

The current monopoly of Canadian media is a crime - a crime against differing viewpoints and crime against opinion.

What a joke, but not a funny one. By concentrating media into the hands of the few (the Aspers) we as Canadians suffer, we suffer because we don't get a balanced view from 'journalists'. We also suffer because a large part of the audience is left out in the cold. At least the A channel did cover local events, tractor pulls, Valley news and the like - who will do it now? Who will serve the community's interest? Well, likely CBC will help out, but hey they've had their own budgets slashed and really there isn't that much local programming.

I guess it's just easier to produce fluff and stick a tape into the machine than to actually provide REAL news to the viewers.

Ahhh to live with blinders on!



Penny said...

I thought the aspers were in big financial trouble??

Did they come up with the money or something they were needing?

Do you think it is time the local citizens will just have to do the news, posting info in the town square or something.

It is ridiculous the quality of info on Canadian news already!

Magdelena said...

Media ownership in this country is something that everyone should be up and angry about. We have ZERO variance of opinion. We have nothing that is in the mainstream which is truly independent and not beholden to huge corporate interests - not even the CBC - which is a tad better of course than the Asperites. But not that much as far as balanced and non partisan reporting.

Speaking of the Empire - don't worry the Aspers won't go under, they'll be forgiven somehow, most likely involving OUR money, and business will continue as usual.

I think that 'they' didn't really like having these 'local' shows, not so much for the lack of revenue they created, but more for perhaps the viewpoints offered. Better to stamp that out and just market the 'generic' and 'accepted' crap.

Skye said...

Sterilized Generic Fluff, that's all that the news is around here. They tell you what the-powers-that-be allow, and nothing more. They take some local stories and run them to death over a period of months because they've nothing better to talk about. A story they've run to death a year ago get's dragged through the hoops for another year on the anniversary. This is why I don't watch the news!

Magdelena said...

Yeah Skye - I hear you, but like Nobody's Dad is addicted to Fox Sports, mine is addicted to News, CTV, CNN, CBC - ugh. He even subscribes to the National Post, Mop and Pail and our local shill.

So, sadly I do hear it, and masochistecally force myself to read it now and again.

Perhaps I'll stop.


Anonymous said...

I stopped watching Talmudic TV a quiet few years back. The stuff will rot your brain.

Books and the Internet is where you want to be! The fight to protect that should be paramount for everyone.

Gee they deleted my ID on Google/Blogger "ZionistSlayer". Sorry Magdelena .. So I rest my case "The fight to protect that should be paramount for everyone (the internet that is)." TV has been lost for years.

Magdelena said...

LOL@ ZionistSlayer...

thanks for the comment.


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