Saturday, March 21, 2009

Canada Bans Galloway

It seems that my country is slipping faster and faster into the realm of Zionist controlled fascism. I certainly knew of the bias, and have been writing about it and commenting for years now. Still, I am surprised that our government would ban an elected MP, from entering Canada solely because the Jewish Defence League and her partners in suppression B'nai Brith and the Canadian Jewish Congress told them too. That of course, speaks volumes in and of itself.

Canada sadly is complicit in the current crimes against Humanity occuring in besieged Gaza and the Occupied West Bank. Our leaders, lacking anything resembling a spine, have caved to the Lobby's pressures.

Truly I am disgusted. I will write my reps, but of course I am old enough to know that a response will NOT be forthcoming, as my own MP is firmly in thier pocket. So much so that he darn near ran away from me during the last campaign (his wife certainly pulled a vapourisation act, while his sons stood a few meters away looking embarrassed and giggling).

Here's an interview, of course it's NOT Canadian:

Now, considering the Jewish Defence League itself has been branded a 'terrorist' organisation in the past is this not rather ironic?

Why are we listening to this Mr. Weinstein's threats? Pray tell what does Hitler and the bloody Holocaust have to do with the slaughter in Gaza? The slaughter in Lebanon? The sabre rattling against Iran? Outside of being a diversion, to evoke some kind of misplaced sympathy for Israel and to stop all REAL debate, there is NO reason to mention it. It's old, it's tired and it's really HOLLOW.

I would much prefer if Mr. Weinstein packed his bloody bags and made aliyah already. We don't need him here.


Skye said...

OMFG!!! I hadn't heard of this, but DAMN, that is insane! Banned for being honest, that sucks BIG TIME!

So long as our government continues to obey those jew bastards, we will go to pot. Canada doesn't stand much chance of survival this way. What we need is a civil war, get Stephen out of office and ban all those jew fucktards out of Canada! Kick every last one out, I don't care how young or old, what position they hold, be it teacher, lawyer, or government official, get rid of them all! It cerainly can't hurt!

Penny said...

hey maggie:
I am pissed, this has been going round and round in my concussed head since yesterday.

What an embarrassement to Canada
Shame, shame on Canada!

write the mp's

Magdelena said...

Yeah, that was an angry post of mine.

I'm not blaming 'Jews' though Skye - cuz I just won't prescribe to bashing a 'group' per se.

The way of the Leaf... ;)

Still though, I will say anyone is fodder, and religions worn as shields, each during its own time, to the maximum effect, for power.

The people mean nothing.

Magdelena said...

Yes Penny, it is a shame.

Any time a voice is muted, is a shame. It matters not whether we agree or not.

Over the top as Galloway is from time to time, I still admire is ability to speak truth to power.

It's all just so damn sad...

Magdelena said...


I'm wrong that the people mean nothing, they do, or did rather. I think that the 'classes' are being dissembled.

Penny said...

I see there are some actions on line, petitions that slimeball Kenney's e-mail , a protest.

You know who pays Jason kenney, he acts for Israel and is payed by Canadians, it is bloody insulting.

I'd say hope for better once he get's the boot but the liberals are cut from the same cloth

what a choice for the canadians eh?