Friday, March 27, 2009

Blind Man hit by School Bus

I know this isn't my usual kind of 'story', but it has hit close to home. I know this man.

Blind man struck by school bus

Though some of the 'facts' in the article are not correct, I sure hope that Rick will be okay. Though, I have my doubts after seeing the amount of blood splattered all over the road. The street was closed off for almost 5 hours.

In the above piece, it mentions his guide dog saying it died a year ago - uh no, Ben a beautiful golden retriever passed away many years back now - over five at least perhaps longer. I felt so sad for Rick, as Ben was such a part of his life, and already so old that often I think it was Rick leading Ben towards the end rather than Ben leading Rick.

And yeah, Rick did build a wrap around porch - by himself! That and watching him years back on a ladder stringing up Christmas lights was enough to make my heart almost fail. My neighbour and I offered our help, but being the independent soul he was, he politely refused it. We stuck around that day anyway.

I guess what I'm saying is that Rick never played the 'victim'. He mowed his own lawn, albiet he missed some blades - but really so what? He took care of himself and didn't cry for sympathy, I was always in awe of that.

My prayers are with him, I truly hope he can recover.

Now, about this bus driver, who says the light was red. Well, if it was and this is not another mistake in the article, then she was clearly at fault - as she was turning left onto Haig where she slammed into him at the crossing - right in the crossing actually. I feel for her too, in the sense that she now must live with this the rest of her life. That said, it's pretty clear she was at fault.

I'll try to keep some tabs on this, he was my neighbour afterall, and truly not a bad sort of fella. It's been a tough winter for him, as I've seen the paramedics at his house on a few occassions in the last month.

Well Rick - use that iron fortitude of yours and get better, the neighbourhood won't be quite the same without you.

God's speed for a lasting recovery.


Rick died today.

I hope his soul finds some freedom.

I hope this woman is never allowed near a motor vehicle again, never mind a school bus holding our precious children.

It's a sad day.


Cindy Smith, Editor said...

Wouldn't it be great if this is how it worked?

In reality, she'll be charged with a provinical offence even though Rick died. She'll pay a fine - possibly no more than $600 and the judge will put her right back on the road.

I've always felt that if any driver causes the death of another person for any other reason that doesn't meet the criteria for dangerous driving under the Criminal Code, that person loses their licence indefinitely. That's it. Lifetime ban. The end.

If that's too harsh, then at least send the person to driver rehabilitation courses. But to simply put that person back on the road with the hope that he or she learned something from the tragedy, won't guarantee that person won't make the same fatal mistake again.

So, considering I have no control over any of this, I hope that a little personal responsibility takes over. If you can't figure out the proper timing to a turn, enroll in some driver's training.

It may save a life.

Cindy Smith, Editor said...

Oh and yes, please feel free to link the website. It's always welcomed.

Magdelena said...

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for permission, I've made a link to your site in my sidebar!

You know, I'm nicknamed the 'Traffic Nazi' by some of my friends. I take in a complimentary tone, since there's not much else in day to day activities which ticks me off so much as idiotic drivers, except of course idiotic politicians of all stripes. I've always joked I would make the best traffic cop ever - I'd be pulling folk over all day long - it's just that easy with the morons who are allowed to hold liscenses. It's truly beyond me how we cannot have manditory driver training in order to get a liscense!

Penny said...

I am so sorry to read the neighbour died, what a tragedy.

Magdelena said...

Yeah Pen, it really is sad, he was a good guy.

He has donated all his organs, even his eyes were used. Others now live.

As far as I know the driver is being charged with vehicular manslaughter.

I hope this sparks some real investigation into who the bus companies are hiring to drive our precious kids around...

Anonymous said...

This is so tragic. It would appear that the driver somehow made a fatal error. May we all use extra caution at intersections, as we drive! My condolences to Rick's family. RIP.

Michel in Aylmer

Doug Plumb said...

Imagine how this poor woman must feel after hitting this guy. Its difficult to imagine, for me, how I would react to someone dying because of something stupid I did. It almost happened once.

Still, there should be some responsibility attached, but it should be somehow related to the malice present in the act.

I think that even the law demands "mens rea" -the evil mind to get a conviction on an evil act.