Thursday, March 5, 2009

IAW and Censorship Alive and Well

I'm sorry I missed this and just caught it at Norman's blog:

CBC News at six reports on IAW poster from Amr Gafar on Vimeo.

Needless to say, this is the one time I wished I'd watched some 6 o'clock news. Kinda made me wish I was still at the uni too.

Clearly the administration at both Ottawa and Carleton Universities were given their marching orders. Considering the tax-deductible donations they have received over the years this is no surprise. Though I must say, things were far more open when I attended my own courses as a student.

I guess there must be our own version of Campus Watch up here too.

Rosanne Ruente (the blonde above in the video) - "The fact that I listened to you is the fact that you were heard."

Could this woman be more condescending? Talk about an absolute dismissal with zero comment, cowardly to say the least. Shameful too, for a person of her status.

Shame on both Ottawa and Carleton Universities.


Penny said...

what a bitch!
how arrogant.
Desert Peace had been covering this, he had the e-mail addies up of the faculty, they were of course inaccessible.

I guess

Magdelena said...

Yeah outstanding use of her skills eh?

It's clear who is running these schools now, and who can say what and when and where.