Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lev Leviev in the news again

Well it seems that dear old Lev's building in Tel Aviv will not be used by the British Embassy afterall! This is a good thing of course and shows what a little spreading of knowledge and a good public petition can do:

U.K. embassy nixes move to building of company behind West Bank construction

good good and good again.

That said, still no word whether the Quebec Supreme court will hear the charges against him and his company brought by the city of Bi'lin. We can cross our fingers.


Penny said...

well that is a bit of good news, but I am wondering a few months down the road, will they quietly move in to the building?

Magdelena said...

That's a possibility for sure, they could say "Well we looked but couldn't find anything within our price range....". That way it can be repackaged to the British citizen as a 'cost saver'.

Gosh I should give out ideas like that eh?

Penny said...

Yeah, you should, yur just full of em!


Magdelena said...

Ha ha ha

Yeah I'm in the wrong line of employment.