Monday, March 30, 2009

Decision Today on Galloway

Just a quickie:

Judge to rule whether British MP can enter Canada

Here's hoping for some sanity to prevail.

But I'm not holding my breath.

It sure feels wonderful being the JDL's lackey!!


Penny said...

I am waiting for this one

Penny said...

The court ruled with the government!

Penny said...

the tories are toast now for sure. they have just handed the election win to the liberals who are just as despicable.

maybe everyone should just vote ndp and green?

Magdelena said...

That is absolutely ridiculous..

I am actually rather stunned... I thought cooler heads, which perhaps with luck, contained brains that function, would prevail...

Canada just sunk to one of the lowest levels ever in her history.

Magdelena said...

So, where's the F*n ban on Israel WAR CRIMINALS??

Oh I forgot - we're in bed with the bastards!!!

Damn, I'm mad.