Monday, March 23, 2009

More George Galloway

There's a petition everyone can sign here at Canadians for Peace and Justice in the mideast.

Meanwhile, I can't get over some of the comments on the CBC newsite. It seems the JDL and others have their hasbarfa agents out in full tilt!!

CBC News - British MP says decision to ban him from Canada was inappropriate

They're using all the usual tricks too.



Penny said...

i was there, I saw the comments, i left one, surprised it got through the heavy duty censorship

Magdelena said...

Well, what I have found that they do is stick posts up on the second and third page. IOW they don't post chronilogically. Often they will leave a few on the first page and then stick in others at an earlier time reference.

Odd that.

Censorship - of course!!!

Penny said...

signed, sealed and delivered!