Sunday, March 1, 2009

Under my thumb

Under my thumb, a land that was once free and proud....

Well not any more:

Canadian Politicians get more free trips to Israel than anywhere else

Canadian parliamentarians accepted more free trips to Israel last year than any other country.

Israel outnumbered other destinations nearly two to one, with 74 sponsored trips, beating out Taiwan as the previous most popular country.

A report by Canada's ethics commissioner shows the Canada-Israel Committee paid more than 160,000 Canadian dollars to send 24 federal politicians on trips to Israel, often with their spouses.

Shimon Fogel, CEO of the Canada-Israel Committee, said the trips enable parliamentarians to better understand Israel's geopolitical situation.


Well, there you have it! This explains alot doesn't it? I mean our country's fealty to the Israeli Regime. To top it off - did anyone read this in our msm? Of course not!! Just as with the Security treaty, the free trade agreements and so forth - our politicians don't tell us about what they do behind closed doors with their Israeli buddies... could it be the Israelis have some kind of info about what our politicians themselves do when doors are closed?

It's enough to make a person ill.


Penny said...

what a nauseating story!
and we wonder why the politicians in Canada are so biased?
wonder what else they get besides the trips.

the Israelis can really do PR!
but PR is not always good for a nation, while it may line pockets and grease palms of slimy politicians, what benefit is it to the country???

Magdelena said...

Well, apparantly we Canuckleheads are supposed to die for Israel now - according to his majesty himself, King Stephen has procclaimed Canada's support in the upcoming WAR on IRAN! (Read: War on Israel's Enemies)

We need virtual barf bags.

And some hemp rope... lots of that... a few trees...

sorry daydreaming.