Saturday, February 14, 2009

Seriously Free Speech

Seriously Free Speech

Please visit this site to learn more about CANWEST's SLAPP suit against the activists who last June made a parody of the Vancouver Sun and it's bias reporting on the Israeli/Palestine tragedy.

Check out the above video for a little back ground on this issue.

Then ask: Is it any wonder that we weren't informed about the Security treaty between Israel and Canada, nor have we heard that now the Canadian Embassy in Venezuela will be serving Israel's interests there?


Skye said...

Canada's got free speech? My ass! Really, how can you have freedom of speech if saying anything what-so-ever against the jews lands you in jail?

Oh yeah, you can say pretty much what you want in regards to anything else. But you publicly criticize a jew, and you're screwed!

Magdelena said...

Sadly, that seems to be the case.

What irks me is that those Jews here who don't agree with Israel and her barbaric actions are given NO voice whatsoever.

The concentration of media in Canada is criminal to say the least. Even the CBC is biased to the nth degree. No one seems to want to question it either - those that do are marginalised and called names - the FACTS seem to never come up.

So Skye, you are absolutely correct.

Penny said...

oh, what is this?

I gotta check this out.

I am thinking of all the outrage over the challenge to Mcleans piece of shit reporting, or what passes as journalism, when challenged on that.

Magdelena said...

This was simply a parody, satire at it's best. Certainly tongue and cheek but also dripping with realism.

I guess it's the truth that's not liked or acceptable here.