Saturday, February 7, 2009

Canadian Armed Forces: NARCO COPS

Yes that's right - our once proud Armed Forces is now in the business of being Narcs. Below is a comment I left on CBC forums in regards to the plan by our so-called representatives in Parliament to begin targetting those farmers selling opium to 'Terrorists' (what not the CIA???).


The only way to eradicate the black market, crime and corruption which comes with trade in an illegal substance is to legalise it - period.

Impact of Crop Eradication in Afghanistan and lessons learned from Latin American to South East Asia

See part 3:
3 The impact of opium poppy eradication in Afghanistan
3.1 Social tension
3.2 The self-fulfilling prophecy of eradication: Higher prices and
higher profits for traffickers
3.3 Shifting opium cultivation
3.4 Eradication as an impediment to Afghanistan’s reconstruction


It has been demonstrated time and again that prohibition of a substance does not work.

Addiction, whether to legal or illegal substances or vices is a HEALTH issue and should be dealt with accordingly.

The only thing which prohibition encourages is corruption, inflated profits and turf 'wars'. It did not work for alcohol (besides making a few people VERY wealthy) and will not work for any substance.

Let the Afghan people use all of the resources which are available to them in their land - allow for legal production of opium and allow for production of associated medicines in situ.

Unless the goal is further radicalisation of the population, the current approach to the problems of drug abuse (not use) are inconsistent with logical thinking. One of the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Prohibition has never worked and often makes the problems worse.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Listen to these brave men and women speak out about the draconian War on Drugs - they should know as they were in it.


Skye said...

You're right, prohibition doesn't work. That link gives you an idea of Judges finally realizing it as well. It's about a BC judge who (if my understanding is correct) has virtually legalized marijuana, up to a point anyway.

The Netherlands also have some interesting laws on drugs. If memory serves, people who are addicted to certain drugs, can go and get a daily fix for free at government run organisations.

I do believe that the Netherlands have the right idea.

Magdelena said...

Hi Skye, thanks for the links!

I agree that Holland certainly has been far more logical with their approach to addiction. One of the biggest problems for junkies (apart from jonsing for a fix) is that they often have to revert to crime to feed their habits, the cost of their addiction being over-inflated due to its illegal nature. By allowing addicts to get safe, clean heroin crime rates have been but and those addicts are often able to find work and live more 'normal' lives.

Prohibition is insanity.

nobody said...

Hey Buff. I lay odds they're not trying to stop the drug trade at all. When the Taliban ruled Afghanistan opium production had fallen to zero. After we threw them down it leapt to historic highs. How many photos have you seen of English, Australian, Canadian troops walking through poppy fields have you seen? Heaps.

Did you ever wonder at the resemblance between them and the various gun-toting irregulars guarding the poppy fields in the Golden Triangle?

Think about it. We threw down the people who stopped opium production. And now we guard the fields.

Any opium that gets destroyed will be merely that of some non-approved growers. Same same in South America where the DEA hunts down anyone who doesn't kowtow.

Drugs are one of the biggest money spinners on the planet. It's all officially sanctioned. No one says no to a billion dollars.

And sure, opposition will be destroyed and held up as proof of our good nature. The whole thing is a sham. Give it a year or two and see if the returning troops don't come back with stories of the bullshit nature of what they were doing.

Magdelena said...

Yeah Nobody, I know. In fact is was this ridiculous War on Some Drugs which got me thinking about all the lies we've been sold - then of course came 911 and sealed it all up nicely for me.

It's all a pack of lies and a big one at that. From moral wars to trust the government - what a pile of shit. Yet, it's a pile of shit that alot of people live in every day without a concern.


Penny said...

they are not trying to stop the drug trade, just trying to direct it into the right hands, coffers or black ops groups.

Whatever the case may be??