Monday, February 2, 2009

I go a few days and look what happens!

Good grief can't a girl get some downtime? I haven't bothered with the blog for a few days, clear to anyone who happened by, but here I am today with some time and in the right mood to take a gander at my tiny and insignificant blog and what do I see as I check my statcounter?

This (among others):

Referrer for mr kaplan %22lee kaplan%22
Search Engine Phrase horray for mr kaplan "lee kaplan"
Search Engine Name Google
Search Engine Host
Host Name
IP Address [Label IP Address]
Country United States
Region Maryland
City Gaithersburg
ISP Usda Office Of Operations

Returning Visits 0
Visit Length Multiple visits spread over more than one day

What the heck is that? Who are these people and why are they here - of all places? And why due to a search on Mr. Kaplan's name? Apparantly the USDA is the United States Department of Agriculture, so what are they doing going nuts on this blog?

Is Mr. Kaplan being investigated? We can hope. Though oddly, I doubt it.

Oh and Dee - if you are around and visiting - they were very interested in keying your blog and mine together in their search phrases.

So what does this mean? Probably nothing, maybe something. I could just be having a paranoid moment.


Anonymous said...

Hi Magdelena,

There can be many reasons why this is happening. A key word is coming back into a search engine and once that database is updated then subsequent searches will also show these findings as well. Topics you touch on people obviously want more information about. This is a good thing!

I lay my bet on "having a paranoid moment". But it is good to see that you are getting up on your technical investigation skills with the net.

Not too worry the truth shall set them free.. we hope!

Talk to you soon.

nobody said...

God, there's no end to the weird searches! And sure enough, you only ever find out enough to get frustrated. It's still fascinating though...

Skye said...

When it comes to accessing that kind of info, I have to admit that I'm rather computer illiterate. But I have to admit, that is rather interesting!

Penny said...

Hey Maybe he is in the import/ export business!

"wink wink"

Penny said...

and "horray"

Magdelena said...

Yeah guys odd...

What can I say - perhaps it was a paranoid moment... hee hee self induced maybe too... ;)

Anyway, there's a few that pop in, and I wish at least they'd say something... They spend alot of time so speak up!

Skye - it's easy to access it I'm sure you can do it... IOW If I can anyone can lol!

Anonymous: Get a Name!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm so sorry for causing all this confusion. Honestly, that wasn't my intention. Mine were pretty honest actually. Fact is, I have been trying to locate someone with that same name. This L Kaplan I'm trying to find is neither a journalist nor a web blogger though. Some of us think this person may have moved out of the country (Europe) to pursue (or repursue) his baskeball "career". I myself think he might have gone to Greece to be near some folks he became close to when he lived there during the summer in the 90's. Hence the various name searches. Facebook hasn't been any help either. And I don't his family except that they are from Massacusetts. But I'm not about to call every Kaplan in the Massachusetts phone book! Either way, sorry about that. I'll try to steer clear of your blog. And no one is being "investigated" either. : )

ZionistSlayer said...

Name gotten ;)

Magdelena said...

LOL Tripp - You don't have to stay clear of my blog - in fact come and read it more often - since you're in the US and suffer clearly from the same overdoses of media propoganda as we in Canada do.

Good luck finding your 'Lee'. I hope he is nothing like the one I have written about here - oh and the use of the term journalist wrt Mr. Kaplan is stretching things a little far - sorta like Goebbels being the 'copy boy'.

No, this Mr. Kaplan is a disgusting waste of skin - who calls for the murder of other humans even offering rewards of 25,000 US $.

So, so feel free to visit, respond and take part - we don't bite here.


If what you say is the case - I hope you enjoyed all the articles written here - as clearly I am not Kaplan nor were alot of the ones you read!