Friday, January 16, 2009

Media Bias and the Israeli Slaughter

I've been hanging about on the CBC forums, which for the most part until yesterday were not too bad. They allowed comments from all sides of the issue and Israel was being taken to task for her atrocious behaviour in the last 20 odd days.

Something happened yesterday, around lunchtime. First I couldn't access the site - it was very slow. After that it seemed only comments which extolled Israel's virtues were allowed. The number of posts supporting the inhumane actions on the part of the Israeli admin went through the roof. None of my submitted posts were printed. Also, the time lag increased - where before it was usually a few minutes before a rash of new posts appeared, it began to become more like 20 minutes, or 30 minutes before a small number of posts - all supporting the bloodshed and indeed some cheering it on - showed up on screen.

So... I'm thinking there was a 'phonecall' from some 'people' telling the CBC to get back in line and tow the status quo. I wonder - who did the threaten? What did they threaten? We know already the CJC and her ilk want to shut down all protests, all debate and only show the lies supporting Israel's murder spree.

Anyway, I'm going to pen a letter to the editor and ask straight out why this was allowed. I'm not holding my breath for an answer.


Penny said...

hey maggie:
well at least now you know, right?
I don't understand why though.
Is their some way around it?
By hitting on your blog alot or something??
it sucks

Anonymous said...

Hi Maggie -- just found your blog. Very good work you're doing here, making your voice heard. I am deeply disturbed these days by what I see going on in Canadian media. It's not new: it started with buyouts and concentration over a decade ago. But little by little, this new group has taken over. They use mob tactics to terrorize journalists and fool the public. I've been on the receiving end, and I know Canadian media are basically run by "agents" -- the tactics are increasingly naked. It's coming to a crisis -- they have already isolated and silenced their enemies and critics. The next stage will be more overt and physical.

Mohawk Nation News reports that Canadian security forces are training with the IDF in Israel, presumably to apply their anti-insurgent techniques here on native reserves, and against unruly demonstators. Jeff Halper repeated this report recently in Montreal -- or so I was told.

Canada is quickly moving to the Right, with the Harper government planning to militarize us. These are backroom decisions, which will be enforced with the new military hardware he's buying with billion$$ of our taxes.

Magdelena said...

Hello Anonymous - pick a name and stick around. Thanks for the comment and kind words.

I hear you loud and clear 'bout the downturn in our press and other media, certainly it does result from the concentration of it all within only a few hands - and hands of course with their own agenda.

I too worry about what Canada is turning into - it matters not whether there are Cons or libs in power, they are simply different heads of the same hydra.

I've read a few good pieces from Mohawk Nation News - thanks for reminding me of them, it's been a while!

I've no doubt we're training with the IDF - afterall we've signed a nice little security agreement with them - which includes 'homeland' security sharing and the like.

Truly sickening.

BTW - Jeff Halper on Jan. 13 was supposed to speak at the Gelber center in Montreal - he was cancelled at the last minute due to objection by another group.

What are folk really afraid of?

That we'll see past all their lies, spun to divide us, and finally show them all for what they really are?


Anyway, thanks for chiming in!!